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This feature has been created to allow you to submit your restaurant, hotel or treatment suggestions to be considered at our next editorial meeting. These are held weekly. You will be given a choice of preference of inclusion in SLOAN! or online at within this form.

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This form will be given to our design team.  The information you submit here is the only information relied upon from you when designing the magazine and/or constructing the online reviews. Please make sure it is the most up to date. We prefer 2 images of the venue interior/exterior, at least 3 food images if applicable, 1 cocktail image if applicable, images of the head chef  if applicable and/or images of the experience. We will also be using our own pictures taken on the review.

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Types of coverage explained

  • Gold / Platinum Coverage: Preview / Review on - This will be an engaging preview or full review online at which currently receives over 400,000/month AB & HNW demographic engagement. You will still be put forward to be included in the next SLOAN! however, you are not guaranteed inclusion in SLOAN! if you receive coverage online at To guarantee inclusion in SLOAN!  or to push a particular event over a review you need to choose the Diamond Coverage. 
  • Diamond Coverage: Inclusions in SLOAN! & Social Media - You will be guaranteed a place featured on our pages within SLOAN! Please see previous issues for examples of inclusion. You will also receive Instagram stories or other social media coverage. We currently have over 300k combined following on social. If you choose this option we do not provide a full review on but you will be put forward to have a preview of an event covered. The preview will be considered but is not guaranteed, it depends on fit. If you prefer a full review on over inclusion in SLOAN! then please choose Platinum Coverage as your preferred option.

Please note we only accept media files via WeTransfer or dropbox

  • WeTransfer is a free service that can transfer upto 2GB without the need for membership. To obtain a link, go to, choose the free option, press the bottom left hand button to reveal the options of sending by e-mail or obtaining a link. Choose the link option and attach your files. Your link will be e-mailed to you. Please then paste that link above.

We do not accept unsolicited submissions. If for any reason you are having issues using this form then do feel free to send us an e-mail with the title "FAO: Design Team". That e-mail must contain Venue/Experience Name, Venue/Experience Summary and a link to images and press release which we can forward to our design team. Do not attach any files to your e-mail as these e-mails will not be forwarded.

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