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We all know that good nutrition is fundamental to good health and that even with a good diet many of us are short of essential vitamins and minerals – unfortunately due to over-farming our soil is so depleted of minerals we cannot get what we need from our food alone any more.

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Inner Me Daily 4 for Women 30+ is a tailored programme of food supplements designed for women in their thirties and forties. With VITAMINS & MINERALS scientifically balanced to help maintain HEALTH: with vitamins B12 & Iron for ENERGY release and vitamin B6 for HORMONAL activity and Selenium and Zinc to support the maintenance of normal SKIN, HAIR, NAILS and IMMUNE system. Also with OMEGA 3, which contributes to the normal function of your HEART obtained with a daily intake of 250mg EPA and DHA.

Inner Me Daily 4 for Women 30+ contains the following supplements…

Vitamins & Minerals tablet: Scientifically balanced to help maintain HEALTH: with vitamins B12 & Iron for ENERGY RELEASE and vitamin B6 to support HORMONAL activity. Also with Selenium and Zinc to support the maintenance of normal SKIN, HAIR, NAILS and IMMUNE system.

Omega 3 High Strength: Omega 3 fatty acids are not produced by the body, therefore to keep healthy levels we should fortify our diets with oily fish. Taking supplements can support our dietary intakes of Omega 3; an intake of 250mg of EPA and DHA can help to maintain the normal function of the heart. Each capsule provides a high strength 630mg total Omega 3, including 220mg DHA and 330mg EPA.

Lactospore® 15 Billion Psyllium Husk: Our Lactospore® Complex contains BILLIONS OF BACTERIA per capsule together with the soluble fibre PSYLLIUM HUSK and the antioxidants SPIRULINA, CHLORELLA and ALOE VERA.

Co Enzyme Q10 100mg: CoQ10 is present naturally within almost every cell in the body, yet its production declines with age. The highest levels of CoQ10 can be found in heart and skeletal muscles.

Inner Me’s philosophy is that supplements are exactly that, a supplement to a healthy diet, a sort of insurance policy to ensure that any gaps in our diets are filled and that our bodies have all those essential nutrients to help attain optimal health.

But the world of supplements can be overwhelming. What to take? How much to take? When to take it? What can you take together?

The team at Inner Me we have done the research so you don’t have to. With their tailored packs they are a brand for health conscious people, who want a simple, trusted, on-the-go programme designed to eliminate the guesswork and confusion about daily supplementation.

In 2009 and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Inner Me founder, Nikki Cooper went on a quest to find supplements that would optimise her health and wellbeing. Bewildered by choice and not finding anything she could relate to, the idea for Inner Me was born. Following extensive research, Inner Me was later launched in 2012, changing the days of monotonous and daunting supplement products forever.

Inner Me also support their products with Inner Menus complete with healthy recipes and meal plans designed by their nutritional expert Amanda Hamilton. Good health is not just about popping pills, it is about eating whole food ingredients, exercising, being mindful and taking “Inner Me Moments” for our complete health and wellbeing.

Tested and loved by its fans, Inner Me is available on monthly subscription from Inner Me can also be found in selected Holland and Barrett stores and Whole Foods Market. Priced from £15-£20 for ‘Daily4’ packs offering 28 days’ supply, and from £15 for tailored skincare and haircare supplements.

Inner Me Daily 4


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