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Women's Mix - inSpiral
inSpiral is the brand behind a host of innovative, optimum health food products made from 100% natural, organic, gluten-free, raw and vegan ingredients. All creations are plant based and designed to nourish and sustain whilst on the go, put together by qualified nutritionists and designed for everyday life.

inSpiral have now released a range of products to enhance the wellbeing of women. Their new ‘Organic Women’s Mix Power Blend’ is made up of 14 powdered whole plants and extracts specifically chosen to increase vitality and optimise health naturally. Super food ingredients include; ‘Beetroot’, for an increased flow of energy, ‘Maca’ known for its hormonal balancing effects, ‘Shatavari’ an Ayuravedic herb essential in promoting positive emotions, as well as ‘Rhodiola’, used to relieve anxiety and enhance healthy sleep in women. Women’s Mix is an organic, uplifting & replenishing mix which supports women’s specific needs. The natural sweetness of beetroot, yacon, goji & maca is sure to enhance any juices or smoothies!

In March, inSpiral also launched their ‘Wild Woman’s Box’, a hand-selected organic gift set including the Women’s Mix, Freeze-Dried Strawberries, Raw Cacao & Almond Fudge, Loveberry Granola Bites, delicious Maple Syrup coated Activated Walnuts and BeautiQ Raw Chocolate with added Sea Buckthorn Juice.

Founder and creator of the Women’s Mix, Bella Willink, says “Our aim is to give women healthier ways to celebrate and pamper themselves, with gourmet treats that not only supply sweetness, luxury & indulgence, but also deliver optimum nutrition tailored to women’s needs (that won’t add the waist-line or damage the skin), whilst raising awareness of women’s plights throughout the world.”

All profits from the March sales of the women’s mix were donated to the charity ‘Womankind’ who work to tackle issues affecting women’s lives worldwide.

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  • Supports female dietary needs
  • Lasts a long time

  • Need to blend with other products
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