iWhite Tooth Polisher

The creators behind iWhite, the revolutionary at-home teeth-whitening brand, have designed the iWhite Tooth Polisher, £39.99, which uses the same rotating-disc technology that dentists use, in order to physically tackle surface stains and plaque build-up.

Used with a special iWhite Polishing Paste which contains key ingredients such as Polishing Crystals (silica crystals that remove plaque build-up without wearing the enamel), Micropearls (polishing precipitated particles which will give an additional crunchy mouth feel) and Pyrophosphates (which will form a shield to prevent the adhesion of plaque and tartar for up to 6 days) for the elimination of stains and plaque, the iWhite Tooth Polisher (available at Boots and Boots.com) helps to both whiten teeth by removing surface stains, and improve oral care by effectively eliminating plaque deposits.

150289IW_polisher_closed_UKOur teeth come under constant attack from the starches and sugars present in food which are released as we chew. In the sticky bacterial film that forms on the teeth, acid is produced; this is both harmful to teeth, and can cause a yellowish,
discoloured appearance.

If plaque that has formed on the surface of and between the teeth is not removed then it will harden and form calculus or ‘tartar’; a yellow or brown mineral deposit which causes the teeth to have a rough appearance.

Using a professional polisher such as the iWhite Tooth Polisher helps to remove the plaque build-up which forms on teeth, that can’t be removed by brushing alone. Regular polishing, after brushing, helps to keep teeth and gums healthy by making it easier to keep teeth clean and naturally white.

The accumulation of plaque can corrode the teeth over time which causes cavities and tooth decay as well as bad breath, and eventually more serious conditions such as gum disease. Frequent use of the iWhite Tooth Polisher after brushing can remove plaque and leave teeth feeling smooth; this will also prevent bacteria sticking which can lead to the buildup of plaque.

How to use the iWhite Tooth Polisher

1. Brush teeth gently before each use.

2. Place a small amount of the iWhite Polishing Paste inside and on the tip of the polishing cup, and spread some tooth polishing paste over the teeth you will be polishing.

3. Hold the polisher with your finger on the on/off button, and then place the rotating cup gently on each area of teeth you wish to polish.

4. Polish each area for a few seconds.

5. Do not apply too much pressure.

6. Reapply the iWhite Polishing Paste on the polishing cup and teeth when necessary.

The iWhite Tooth Polisher is available in Boots stores nationwide and online at www.boots.com, RRP £39.99

iWhite Tooth Polisher








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  • same rotating-disc technology used by dentists
  • removes theplaque build-up
  • cleans teeth better than brushing alone
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