Jealous Sweets


Jealous Sweets craft gourmet confectionery for grown-ups who want a little elegance from their sweet treats and is loved by the world’s finest chefs, hotels & fashion stores.

Founded by old friends Imran Merza and Taz Basunia, Imran was inspired to create these delectable delights when looking for vegetarian sweets as a gift, finding only uninspiring health foods and gummies packed with artificial flavourings and gelatine – Imran decided to change path in life, becoming a Sweet Magician!

Jealous understands that naughty doesn’t have to mean nasty, all their sweets are full of natural fruit juices, free from artificial colours and flavours, and they’re 100% vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.  With flavours like Grapefruit & Orange, Morello Cherry & Pineapple and Pomegranate, Jealous Sweets are loved by gourmands worldwide and are a firm favourite of chefs such as Tom Aiken and Jamie Oliver, as well as the world’s most luxurious hotels.

Just enough to keep you sweet, Jealous’ 50g mouth-wateringly moreish Treat Jewel Boxes are great on-the-go and contain the perfect amount for a daily hit of sweetness without a sugar crash! Feast on Yummy Bears, Tangy Worms, Fizzy Friends, Wild Cherries, Grizzly Bears and Sour Beans – but beware, you won’t want to share!

The Gorgeously Giftable Jewel Boxes, 200g, are more akin to a jewellery box than a sad old bag of sweets; forget the flowers, chuck out the chocolates, Jealous’ gift boxes can make life taste sweet indeed – for you or for someone you love.

With their perfectly proportioned and beautifully designed treat and gift sized boxes, Jealous make a divine little addition to your handbag, an ideal gift to butter up friends or colleagues, a declaration of love for a special birthday or even as a gorgeous addition to a wedding, as a favour to gift to guests. 

Jealous_Boxes_05The Jealous Sweets Range

There are 9 different jewel boxes in the Jealous range – all created for those with an eye for something special.

Jealous’ Six Treat sized Jewel Boxes (RRP, £2.49 50g box)

Yummy Bears – Who needs a gummy bear when you can have a Yummy one, or two, or three?? Perfect for a moment of self-indulgence on any day of the week! Flavours: Orange, Apple, Lemon, Strawberry & Pineapple

Fizzy Friends – These Feisty Friends are full of fizz and will bring a sparkle to any day. They’re the kind of friends you want to have around ALL the time. Flavours: Peach & Apricot, Grapefruit & Orange, Lemon & Apple

Grizzly Bears – With more bite than their yummy cousins for truly intense flavours. Perfect to tackle when you just want to rip someone’s head off! Flavours: Raspberry, Lemon, Apple, Orange, Pineapple & Blackcurrant

Tangy Worms – A subtle, sour tang twist that gets your juices flowing. Perfect to make you grin, when all around you are grimacing! Flavours: Morello Cherry & Orange, Pineapple & Apple, Morello Cherry & Pineapple

Wild Cherries – A sweet cherry hit to bring out your wild side. Pop a few cherries and be a bit wild too! Flavours: Cherry

Sour Beans – You can’t be sour about life when you’ve tasted these beans! Sour then sweet – these beans will make you smile – for maximum impact devour them in groups of four! Flavours: Pomegranate, Mango & Pineapple, Peach, Apple

Stockists include, Ocado, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols and a host of fashion stores, independent delis, whole food markets and cafés nationwide.

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