JOOLS – The Green Tea With Superfruit Popping Pearls

JOOLS is the fresh and healthy new drink that’s set to have taste-makers tongues wagging this year. The chilled fabulously fruity green tea, with unique vitamin rich flavour-filled popping pearls,is set to be the most exciting new drink launch this February.


The JOOLS collection currently comes in three original detoxifying green tea flavours that are brimming with health benefits. Each one contains the special delicate kelp-based pearls nestled at the bottom of the bottle filled with essential vitamins and nutrients from exotic super fruits which explode in the mouth for little pops of pure pleasure and a completely unique taste sensation!

The three JOOLS in the inaugural collection are Lychee JOOLS in Apple Green Tea to refresh and re-hydrate, Acai JOOLS in energising Cranberry Green Tea to revive and rejuvenate and Acerola (a type of cherry)JOOLS in Mango Green Tea to nourish and revitalise. The fruit flavours and pearls in each of the JOOLS drinks have been designed to perfectly complement one another.

Each JOOLS has been lovingly conceived and made using the finest handpicked ingredients and are full of antioxidants and vitamins harnessed from green tea leaves andsuper fruits, with one bottle offering 100% RDA of eight vitamins. At just 90 calories per bottle, the JOOLS range is fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten and dairy free, and has no added sugar or preservatives.


Nothing like JOOLS has ever been seen before and it is already setting the industry alight with a number of accolades under its belt including a Drinkpreneur 2014 Award, the Lunch! Show’s coveted Innovation Award, as well as being shortlist for the Sial Innovation Award and Highly Commended in the Quality Food Awards. It is currently shortlisted in the Best New Beverage Concept category in the Beverage Innovation Awards.

JOOLS is available nationwide in leading supermarkets, as well asOcado, Holland & Barrett, Wholefoods and Amazon.
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