Just For Tummies Perfect Balance Kit

JUST FOR TUMMIES provides supplementary support for the gut and digestive health. The product range was created by Linda Booth who was inspired by how her grandfather, a master herbalist, restored his health with homemade tinctures after being wounded in the First World War. Founder Linda Booth trained as a complementary therapist in a number of practices and specialises in IBS, having opened a digestive health and gut disorder clinic in 2005. Linda believes that good digestive health supports a healthy immune system, clear skin and general wellbeing, and spent years developing a dedicated digestive health range, based on live bacteria (probiotics) and plant-based enzymes, to support sufferers who were on an increasingly long waiting list to see her, alongside others with poor digestive health.

Live BacteriaThe Perfect Balance Kit contains four handpicked supplements designed to treat your tummy

Live Bacteria: High-strength, multi-strain probiotic replenishes gut flora and help reduce symptoms of IBS and bloating.

Digestive Enzymes: Plant-derived enzymes, with calcium to provide extra digestion support. Essential for the over 50’s or those who eat on the go.

Omega 3: A natural ‘antiseptic’ for the gut, this super-high-strength, cold-pressed fish oil boosts every living cell and plays a key role in managing IBS symptoms.

Garlic: High in strength yet low in odour, this natural antimicrobial helps bring gut flora back into balance.

The Perfect Balance Kit is £59.95, contains Live Bacteria (60 capsules), Digestive Enzymes (60 tablets), Garlic (60 tablets), Omega 3 (60 capsules) and is available at www.myshowcase.com

Just For Tummies Perfect Balance Kit








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  • Plant-derived enzymes and natural ingredients support gut health
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