Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi Oil

Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi Oil is a blend of plant and seed oils that is enriched with vitamins A and E, this makes the oil ultra nourishing and able to heal dry and dehydrated skin. It also restores a more radiant complexion and provides protection from severe weather conditions. If you’ve got dry skin apply a few drops of this anti-ageing plant and seed oil blend, underneath any of the oxygen products. Face oil is winter’s most hardworking skin saviour.

Dr. Paul et Karin Herzog SANoelle Herzog, President of Karin Herzog explains how oil can benefit your skincare routine.

What are the benefits of using face oil?

‘When applied alone face oil will always nourish the skin and increase elasticity, which in turn will strengthen the skin too. This will make dry skin much less likely to crack and split during the winter months. Vita-A-Kombi Oil is Karin Herzog’s hero oil and was created to deliver Vitamin A to the skin to help the natural production of collagen.’

Can you use face oil on oily skin?

‘You can absolutely find an oil which will nourish the skin, without making it overly oily. If Vita-A-Kombi oil is applied before an oxygen Vita-A-Kombi cream, this will push the oil under the skin and will nourish deeper without leaving any oily effect on the skin’s surface.’

Can face oils give you spots?

‘New face oils won’t give you spots as they are lightweight, absorb quickly and don’t clog pores and in fact plant based oils can help combat breakouts as they help to rebalance the skin.’

Any tips on applying make-up over face oil?

‘Generally, good quality facial oils will massage into the skin without leaving a residue. Any excess can be removed by lightly pressing a clean sheet of facial tissue before applying make-up.’

Here at SLOAN! Magazine, we love this face oil not just because  of its high concentration of Vitamin A but also its versatility makes it a real skincare hero product as it can be used on the face, under the eyes, massaged into the nail beds or applied to lips to hydrate and repair. See our review score for more on our experience using Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi Oil.

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  • Ideal for dry or dehydrated skin
  • Perfect protection from harsh winter conditions
  • Very versatile used on nail bed, under eye and on lips

  • Can leave a slight residue on skin which can be removed with blotting
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