Kate Humble Launches Eco-Friendly Skincare Brand

Humble is a new eco-friendly skincare brand founded by writer and broadcaster Kate Humble. The range boasts sound green credentials and an extensive product collection based on two delightful floral fragrances which are inspired by Kate’s love of nature. The arrival of Kate Humble’s eco-friendly brand looks set to cause a stir in the world of natural beauty.

IB064_KH Full Group Large_V1Humble is a beautifully packaged bath and body collection in two naturally inspired fragrances that beauty consumers will instantly fall in love with. Both fragrance ranges comprise of a hand wash, hand lotion, intense hand cream, body lotion and body wash.

Bath Honey
Bath Honey

In addition, the evocative Rose and Frankincense range includes a luxurious bath honey that creates a luxurious moment of bathroom relaxation and leaves your skin feeling silky soft and lightly scented with the exotic aroma of Frankincense and luscious Rose.

Body Wash
Body Wash

The collections have been created around two beautiful floral fragrance blends, inspired by Kate’s love of the countryside and her farm in Monmouthshire. From Sweet Pea and Verbena to Rose and Frankincense – each scent distinctly different but both simply, naturally beautiful.

IB064_KH RF Hand Duo Large_V1
Hand Wash & Hand Lotion

Humble Beauty promises to be environmentally friendly without compromising on quality or product efficacy. All ingredients are sustainably sourced and carefully selected to minimize the impact on waterways wherever possible.

IB064_KH SPV Hand Cream Large_V1
Hand Cream

Humble products do not contain parabens or SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and never will. Kate hopes that Humble’s eco-friendly ethos will inspire other brands and beauty consumers to make carefully considered eco-friendly choices.

IB064_KH SPV Hand Wash Large_V1
Sweet Pea Verbena Hand Wash

Kate told SLOAN! magazine, “I’ve looked everywhere for a range of products that are natural and biodegradable, but, just as importantly, look, smell and feel wonderful to use. I drew a blank so I decided to develop a range of products myself. It’s been a challenge but I am delighted to now be launching the Humble Natural Beauty Range. I wanted to give people the chance to spoil themselves without spoiling the environment”.

Kate Humble 9 (681x1024)
Kate Humble

The SLOAN! team tried products from both fragrance blends and each is beautiful in its own right but our favourite has to be the Rose and Frankincense scent as it is so evocative of exotic luxury and indulgent aromas reminiscent of a Moroccan souk. For those looking for a lighter more citrus fragrance, we would recommend the Sweet Pea and Verbena which is perfect for summer and reminds us of a beautifully scented English country garden. This luxurious eco-friendly range really does give you the chance to spoil yourself without spoiling the environment.

Humble launches exclusively into Waitrose nationwide this August 2015.

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