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Luxury home scent company Kenneth Turner London celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2016 and have a new collection based on Kenneth’s favourite flowers and foliage he used during his time spent traveling the world as a celebrity florist. Kenneth Turner is the pioneering floral artist whose forward thinking creations were the first to embrace flowers, fruits, vegetables, woods and foliage. In a career spanning six decades, he has become a world leader in floral artistry and his visual extravaganzas have graced spaces including New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and Masked Balls on the Grand Canal in Venice.

Six new scents gather a sumptuous feast of flowers that have been created in association with leading British florist Laura Lee. Taking everything that is beautiful about a freshly cut bouquet and made to the same principles as perfume with top, middle and base notes including rose, sweet pea, freesia and peony, each will bring the luxurious romance of scented flowers straight into any room they are lit.

KTSV506_Signature_PosyVase_PackChanneling her knowledge and drawing on favourite events she and celebrity floral designer Kenneth created as they travelled the world together, Laura and the Kenneth Turner team have created the collection based on flowers, herbs, fruits and foliage they love. The six xcents are:

SIGNATURE: Kenneth’s original scent and still considered a benchmark classic in terms of lifestyle fragrance. Often referred to as the ‘Chanel No 5’ of the home fragrance world with its unique blend of honeysuckle, the oil from the bark of the sweet poplar, lemon and orange oils, cloves and cinnamon.

BUBBLY: A fabulous flirtation of freesia, rose and jasmine, balanced by the sensual tones of pear and patchouli. Exuberant and overflowing, the fragrance of flowers fills the air with a carefree spirit.

CELEBRATION: Rose, lily of the valley and stephanotis enveloped in a soft haze of musk. A sumptuous feast of flowers swept up into a bouquet, their scent floating gently in the breeze.

SPIRIT: A playful and carefree mix of peony and magnolia with vibrant bursts of herbs and citrus. Intoxicating scents, dancing together wildly.

SOIREE: A beguiling creation of sweet pea, rose and grape mingles with the earthier accents of moss and musk. A floral statement of strength and subtlety with stunning sprays and pretty stems floating on crisp white linen.

MIDSUMMER NIGHT: A heady fusion of honeysuckle, jasmine and tuberose with notes of moss and oak. Midsummer Night was inspired by the scent of cascading flowers created for a magical evening in an English country garden.

KTSV506_Signature_PosyVase_ProductIn 1986, Kenneth created his signature candle fragrance ‘Original’ formed from the wonderful floral smells that he inhaled whilst walking his dogs and from here the KT home fragrance range was born. Recently renamed ‘Signature’, this fragrance is still considered a benchmark classic with its unique blend of delightful ingredients. The Prince of Wales and Vanessa Redgrave are particular fans of Signature and it has remained a constant in the Kenneth Turner line-up. The company has also attracted the attentions of other A-list fans over the years including Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace, The Hiltons, Sting and Cher.

The Kenneth Turner collection is renowned for its exceptional scents that throw off intense, long-lasting fragrance, unlike many candles that allow you to fall in love with the scent in the store but often disappoint when lit at home. 100% mineral wax is infused with high concentrated fragrance and the company works with only British suppliers and two leading British fragrance houses in the creation of its range.

Housed in beautifully crafted glass vases that can be used to hold flowers or tea lights after the wax has burned, the story of how each scent came to be is also featured on each of the boxes. The creation process and careful ingredient choices brings everything back to the company’s floral heritage and each scent within the range is based on an actual event decorated by Kenneth himself and his floral decorating team. All of the home fragrance and hand & body products are made in the UK. Reed diffusers and room colognes are alcohol free, which means they are better for the environment and can be shipped/transported without hazardous packaging.

Glass vase candles come in three sizes – Posy Vase £42, Stem Vase £85 and Bouquet Vase £170. Each scent is also available as a Pillar Candle £40, Reed Diffuser £42 and alcohol-free Room Cologne £20. There is also a deeply moisturizing Hand Lotion £20 and Hand Wash £18 to complement the home fragrance collection and carry the scent through to every room, available from

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  • Sumptuous floral scent
  • The Prince of Wales and Vanessa Redgrave are fans
  • Made to the same principles as perfume
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