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Kenwood suggested we try out the new kCook and although we’ve always been a fan of slow cookers and winter casseroles, the SLOAN! Magazine team has now discovered something new to help us whip up a one-pot wonder.

The new kCook cooking food processor from Kenwood which not only chops and stirs, but also cooks delicious dishes at the touch of a few buttons. All this, plus a fantastic specially-developed recipe app to provide a little inspiration at every meal time, makes the kCook the new must-have kitchen essential in our humble opinion.

Kenwood kCook (RRP £329.99) Hero ImageThe three bowl tools coupled with the app make the laborious tasks of thinking up a meal, preparing ingredients and endlessly stirring over a hot stove a thing of the past. You can simply follow one of over 200 recipes available on the kCook app, or if you are a confident cook who likes to experiment in the kitchen, why don’t you do as we did and adapt some of the app’s recipes to your own taste using the kCook’s manual modes which allow the speeds and temperatures to be changed.

You will find that the KCook’s processing blade takes all the effort out of chopping and blending your ingredients which means you are able to enjoy a little extra free time in the kitchen rather than slaving away preparing meals. We found it very hypnotic when we switched to the stirring paddle and watched as it ensured even cooking of the recipes we tried for delicious soups and sauces. You can be sure that your cooking will never catch on the bottom of the pan of the kCook.

Kenwood kCook Lifestyle (RRP £329.99)What’s more, the steaming basket is ideal for preparing healthy fish and vegetable meals with maximum flavour whilst the 1.5L bowl capacity is perfect for creating enough for a family of four.

The three pre-set programmes allow for total convenience and include “One Pot” for cooking dishes such as risotto, chilli con carne, curry and ratatouille; “Sauce/Soup” for delicious sauces and soups with no fear of splitting; and “Steam” which can be used for chicken, fish, hard and soft vegetables.

Kenwood kCookHere in the SLOAN! kitchen we are always looking for gadgets to make life a little easier so we were pleased to be told that all the parts of the kCook are dishwasher safe, even the bowl which came as a big surprise. You will wonder at how easy the kCook makes food preparation and cooking meals your family and friends and marvel at the lack of utensils, chopping boards and washing up when you use this no-fuss kitchen essential.

The kCook retails at £329.99 and is available from

Kenwood kCook






User Experience


Value For Money


The SLOAN! Factor


  • One pot cooking
  • Food truly does not stick
  • Healthy steam settings
  • Versatility
  • Time saver

  • Some may prefer a hardcopy recipe book to the app
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