Kinetica Thermo Whey

Maintain Lean Muscle with NEW Thermo Whey designed by sports nutrition specialists: Kinetica.

“Carrying excess body weight in the form of fat is a proven disadvantage that can seriously affect performance”, says Kinetica’s in house clinical nutritionist, Matt Lovell.


A great tasting diet supporting supplement to help achieve overall weight management goals, Thermo Whey contains a scientifically engineered combination of advanced high proteins, low GI grounds oats, beneficial fats and fibre – all geared to helping improve lean muscle maintenance and definition.

Containing Biotein™ Thermo – a unique blend of predominantly whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate (coupled with the digestive enzyme Aminogen® and essential amino acids) – Whey Protein Isolate is the purest form of protein, produced by Cross-Flow Micro-Filtration that results in a virtually lactose and fat free ingredient, rich in essential amino acids. Protein contributes to the maintenance of lean muscle – the more lean muscle you can maintain, the less body fat you will have.

Thermo Whey also includes low GI ground oats and provides over 750mg of Tonalin® conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). It is high in fibre, low in sugar and includes additional lean actives – Fibrulose®, L Carnitine L Tartrate and Green Tea extract.

“Thermo Whey’s smart use of high quality proteins and fibre provides a satiety effect (the feeling of fullness for longer) which can help curb hunger pangs. The higher satiation value of proteins is closely linked to diet induced thermogenesis (generation of heat by physiological process). The rise in internal temperature of the body in response to the ingestion of protein is 50-100% higher than that of carbohydrates” says Matt Lovell

Free of artificial flavour and colours, Thermo Whey is safe and batch tested within WADA (World-Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines.

Launching with three delicious flavours which include Peach Yoghurt, Wild Raspberry and Smooth Chocolate, Thermo Whey is available from priced £64.99 (1.8kg) and £34.99 (900g) tubs.
Recommended use before or after exercise and between meals.

The science & why it works

• BIOTEINTM THERMO – a unique blend of predominantly whey protein isolate, a virtually fat free ingredient and whey protein concentrate, rich in essential amino acids.
Protein contributes to the maintenance of lean muscle

• Ground Oats – rich source of low GI carbohydrates providing a sustained release of energy and helping you feel fuller for longer

• Aminogen® a natural plant derived digestive enzyme known to help increase amino acid absorption and eliminate digestive discomfort and bloating

• Over 750mg per serving of Tonalin® (CLA), the most researched and clinically tested brand of Conjugated Linoleic Acid CLA, known to help reduce body fat and maintain more lean muscle

• High in fibre – containing Oligofructose Fibrulose®. A soluble dietary fibre that can help you feel fuller for longer

• Additional Lean Actives – L Carnitine L Tartrate and Green Tea Extract

• High Fibre and Low in sugar
Perfect For
• Health & fitness enthusiasts looking for a diet supporting supplement to
aid in their weight management goals, maintain lean muscle and boost their daily protein levels. Use this high quality , low sugar protein shake that includes the added benefits of researched lean actives to help achieve a leaner, healthier physique

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