Kitchen Design Tips

The kitchen needs to reflect your lifestyle and accommodate your family’s daily needs. Recent trends are reflecting the need to have multi-functional workspaces in the kitchen with amenities like a large centre island with a cozy breakfast bar on one side, generous counter space, dual prep areas, multiple sinks and additional under-counter refrigerators can make your kitchen a warm and inviting place for the family to gather, without taking away from its functionality.

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Breakfast stations

Breakfast stations and appliance cupboards are becoming more prominent in designs allowing for worktop ‘clutter’ to be stored out of site. Full height dresser top units can be installed to sit onto the worktop with doors opening to reveal a work space for kettles and toasters. Shelving storage above allows space for breakfast cereals and dry store necessities used day to day and the option of internal drawers for bread and secret snacks (a handy stash of crisps, biscuits and chocolate bars in the treats drawer) allows for tidy storage that can be shut away behind ‘closed doors’.

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Low level seating areas

Whether set off a main island or peninsular or as a separate stand alone station, helps zone the kitchen and sets out a space for children where they can help you prepare or they can eat and play in the kitchen creating the communal space families are so keen to achieve.


Oven safety

Eye level ovens and full height larders are a great solution for families optimizing storage and lifting the oven out of the reach of small hands offers peace of mind when juggling family life. Many appliance specialists also offer cool touch induction hobs and child lock facilities on newer models as more and more suppliers become savvy to the demands of busy mums.

CF015073Small details

Smaller details like chalk board walls for menus and shopping lists add a fun twist to an otherwise conventional space. Internal bin systems, wire work storage solutions and slide and slot chopping board units are also handy design additions.

Parlour Farm Kitchens

Your kitchen is the hub of the home and, for all busy mums out there, it has to be designed to perfection whilst also retaining functionality. Here at Parlour Farm Kitchens, it is of upmost importance to us that you discuss at length your requirements with your kitchen designer in order to get a real understanding of you and your lifestyle; from creating rustic kitchen islands to custom-made oak worktops and hand painted kitchen tables, there is something to suit everyone. Overall, our aim is to design the perfect solution to make life a little easier, whilst adding some luxury and style of course!

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