The Argentinean polo fashion brand, La Martina is going through a revolution for their SS 2016 collection which is packed with a taste for inoovation driven by the development of technology. It’s not really a revolution but rather an evolution that retains certain iconic elements and items that embody the identity of La Martina, which are must-haves and provide the inspiration for the new collection.

The change of pace that caters to future generations who will be born and grow in an all-digital world, with no barriers of time and place, has triggered a series of changes that like pieces in a domino are reflected in new designer trends, developing the need for a fresh, contemporary and innovative interpretation of style.

LR La Martina SS16 UDFXStylistically the fusion of tradition and evolution has led to the creation of the new Banderas and Polo Player lines now added to the fashion house’s classic collection, which are more casual with vibrant and radiant colours, as well as the El Porteño with its smart casual cuts that elegantly combine natural, earthy colours.

A daily-wear casual chic look that has its roots in the lifestyle of the Polo game. When you consider that every Polo match is also a social happening, a way to mingle with people who share the same interests, it is only natural that this way of life is reflected in clothing.

LR La Martina SS16 DBOR“There is a special sense of belonging in this world which is made of sport, but also days spent outdoors with the family”, explains Lando Simonetti, President and Founder of La Martina.

It is this feeling that the collection wants to capture, where the evolution of style is a new high point in the creative process: awareness of self, a cosmopolitan vision of society continually in the mould lead to an approach that leaves no room for nostalgia but rather enhances the new.

LR La Martina SS16 UMAZThe collection as a whole reflects the absolute excellence in product quality that is based solidly on tradition and Argentine pride, the root from which the new style emerges, suggesting an international approach to taste.

A new collection that follows five inspirational moods:

  • El Porteño: the daily-wear and casual chic style of the collection
  • 30th Anniversary: a reinterpretation of the iconic items
  • Guards: a throw-back to the British style of the Indian colonial period
  • El Gaucho: contemporary equestrian stylelines
  • Polo Player: the sportswear line

EL PORTEÑO: the daily-wear and urban chic style

The word Porteño is slang for an Argentine citizen of Buenos Aires. A young gaucho proud of his origins who likes to stand out in style and culture, who is used to travelling frequently, both for passion and for business and who therefore has a cosmopolitan and sophisticated approach to life. He wears the symbols of his land and city casually in a whole new way, reinterpreted in the graphics, patches, treatments and shapes.

LR LA MARTINA_STILL-110The stylistic inspiration are the younger generations who in a certain sense find their symbolic representation in the District of Puerto Madero, technological and financial heart of the city of Buenos Aires. What was once the old harbour around which the original city developed, is now the best representation of the future: the new glass and steel architecture that reflects the colours of a country with new nuances.

Young people in career who having to juggle work, family commitments and mundane events need practicality without sacrificing a refined and elegant style.

The proposed collection is therefore a total-look urban chic, versatile for any occasion: from men’s shirts made with fine materials like piquet and Egyptian cotton, to women’s dresses made with geometric prints in black and white, embellished with gold embroidery.

30TH ANNIVERSARY: the reinterpretation of the iconic items

La Martina wanted to celebrate her 30th anniversary by creating an online tribute to Argentine polo and in particular, to the city of Buenos Aires.

A collection that tells the story of the brand, where the concept is very strong: evocative symbol of this mood is the Banderas.
As the name suggests, the idea is to refurbish the Argentine flag and iconic items that have made the history of La Martina collections and which are strongly linked to the root of the brand, brushing them up with a modern taste, new colours, new customisations, with an eye keen on new trends but that remains faithful to and is consistent with the brand’s sportswear identity.

Hence the colour palette is brighter with the predominance of dusty tones that border on pastel both in the men’s and women’s clothing lines.

The mix of materials is the star of the collection, where the soft nappa leather is combined with treated denim and the stitched embroidery of the Argentine flag, sown on the leather jackets and applied on washed jeans.

Guards: a throw-back to the British style of the Indian colonial period

British colonialism has a very important role in the history of polo: it was British officers in fact who learned to play polo on Asian soil and later took it back to Europe and, at the beginning of the 19th century, to Buenos Aires.

LR LA MARTINA_STILL-029The new collection is inspired by the colours of precious stones, of which India has a millenary tradition that dates back to the time of the maharajas; the vibrant colours are matched to the colonial tones of the British uniforms.

The nuances reflect the Oriental influence in the British military-cut jackets but are reinterpreted in flashy orange for men and in fuchsia for women embellished by gold embroidery.

The women’s clothing items are inspired by the style of Indian Princesses and combine the tulle to pure cotton and denim.
In addition to optical white combined with black, the items feature shades of ecru and khaki for a more sophisticated and elegant effect.

El Gaucho: contemporary “equestrian style” lines

The gaucho in the history and literature of South America is the cowboy of the pampas. Traditionally a free man who lived on the edge of society, from whom La Martina draws inspiration for these lines, reinterpreting the style with a contemporary touch.

Resistant and comfortable fabrics and leather were essential for gauchos to endure the hard work, and this need is reflected in the materials used for the collection.

Fabrics made from natural fibres, which are worked by hand and treated to create an intentionally vintage, worn look.
In the prints the allusions to the rustic world of the Argentine plains is given by the Guarda Pampa motif, a geometric decoration of ancient Indian origin, where colours and graphic shapes communicated affiliation and rank, which is found both in the clothing items and accessories.

A look with an overall shabby chic flair available in two versions for men and women, where the fits are modern and the lines purposefully soft, where earthy colours like camel and brown are paired with bright shades of orange and red.

If for the men’s line the inspiration is the casual wear of the young gaucho, the women’s line is no less sporty, with a touch of boho chic for a young female who loves to mix different materials and volumes, from suède to denim, from slim to boyfriend fit.

Polo Player: the sportswear line

The mood’s continuum with Sports this season dresses up with the bright colours of La Boca.

Alongside continuative elements and colour palettes designed especially for the male, the collection is refreshingly surprising for the zest of the bright colours that dress up the woman.

A carefree holiday air linked to the inspiration suggested by beaches and the image of foaming waves, which permeates the mood thanks to the Polo on the Beach subgroup.

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