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Lacroix Ski Wear

Lacroix is the ultimate luxury ski wear brand. For the past fifty years it has carved out a unique identity that stands for passion, design and technology. Founded in 1967 by professional skier and Olympic silver medalist Léo Lacroix, the French label’s flawlessly engineered pants, jackets and accessories act as a second skin, providing the insulation, comfort and freedom of movement needed for a top performance on the slopes. As the design evolves its vocation remains intact: to invent efficient and stylish products that allow the skier to experience unique emotions. One of the secrets behind the brand’s enduring appeal is its commitment to elegance and purity of design.

AA LX CS goggles White-Masque Blanc (1)These LX Compact Serie Iridium googles from the French luxury ski wear company Lacroix are stylish and practical filtering out 100% of all UVA, UVB and UVC. The lightweight frame contains spherical lens with anti-fog technology and maximised side-to-side vision.

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