Ladvial Sun Protection

Infrared-A makes up a third of the sun’s damaging rays, is the most deeply penetrating and causes both short and longterm skin damage. Yet surprisingly, no mainstream sun care brands protect against these harmful rays. Until now.

Introducing NEW Ladival Sun Protection – the latest revolution in sun care and the first mainstream brand to protect against harmful Infrared-A rays, as well as both UVA and UVB. Ladival is scientifically proven to protect against the broadest spectrum of the sun’s rays and offers protection against four times more of the sun’s rays than standard UVA and UVB sunscreens. Already a leading brand in Europe and the number one selling brand in German
pharmacies, Ladival will be available in the UK for the first time from January 2015.

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Justine Hextall, Consultant Dermatologist and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, says: “We all know how  important it is to look after our skin in the sun. But the latest innovations in sun care, like Ladival, mean that we are able to re-evaluate and make more informed choices to get the best protection for ourselves and our families. Standard sunscreens that we currently know and buy only protect against UVA and UVB. By choosing a sunscreen that also includesInfrared-A Protection, people can protect against four times more of the
sun’s damaging rays”

Ladival’s Advanced Infrared-A Protection System (IR-D Infrared DefenceTM) is clinically proven to protect against damaging Infrared-A rays that reach the deepest part of the skin and which cause cellular level damage.
Justine continues: “Because of their long wavelength, Infrared-A rays penetrate the epidermis and dermis and can lead to the formation of free radicals, which can damage body cells and cause both short and long term skin damage. Effects can include premature skin ageing, decreased skin elasticity, increased wrinkling, and, most importantly,
damage to skin DNA that can also impact your long term health. We know that skin cancer is the fastest growing of the top ten cancers in the UK, so it is important that we invest in the best products to protect our skin.”

Ladival has a wide range available to suit everyone, including lotions and sprays at SPF’s 15, 30 and 50, as well as a kids range. All products have been formulated to contain as many ingredients as necessary, but as few as possible. They are free from perfume, colourants, preservatives and emulsifiers and suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin, as well as those who suffer from sun allergy and prickly heat. Ladival also has a unique, non-greasy formula that offers immediate protection and is water resistant.



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