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As the temperature starts to rise and thoughts of sunny days & flip-flops become more palpable, Las Iguanas welcomed us for dinner at their Kingston restaurant to try their new Spring menu.

Kingston Restaurant 9
Celebrating 25 years of bringing fresh Latin food to the UK, Las Iguanas are launching an exciting selection of delicious Latin America dishes that are guaranteed to bring vibrant flavours to your plate. We spy a poster on the wall…

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Sadly it is not a Monday… but the great news is it is 2 for 1 on certain cocktails every day. That makes for a fabulous drinking & dining experience as our Instagram shows…

The new menu includes a whole range of brand new starters, mains, desserts and most importantly… cocktails! Here’s a taster of what you can expect.

Las Iguanas Cocktails

Famous for their cocktails, Las Iguanas celebrates their 25th birthday milestone with seven new sensational cocktail creations. Sample the Passion Fruit Batida; Magnifica cachaça, condensed milk, coconut water and passion fruit puree guaranteed to leave you with that “just stepped off the beach” feeling.

Happy Hour
Why stop at one? It’s a birthday celebration after all, so treat yourself to a Tijuana Tipple, the perfect combination of tequila, guava puree, chilli, lime and Freixenet cava or the Pisco Power which combines pisco with guava puree, agave, apple and lime juice… blissful. Get the party started with 25 happy hour cocktails & coolers and as we said above it is 2FOR1 all day every day.

They also serve beer…


It’s perfect for a group of friends to get together and try out loads of new dishes…

Las Iguanas 12

A popular bar snack across Brazil & new to the tapas menu is Dadinhos – crispy cubes of smoked cheese served with a sticky chilli jam. Complete it with a portion of new Pão de queijo (cheesy bread) or Cassava Fries. As we were all foodies we loved the Ceviche – a Peruvian classic. Raw strips of sustainable white fish are ‘cooked’ in a Tiger’s Milk dressing of lime, ginger & Amarillo chilli. Piled high with carrots, pink pickled onion, pepper drops, coriander and sweet potato crisps, this dish is super healthy & exceptionally tasty!

Las Iguanas 5

The new Havana Club & Jerk BBQ Glazed Pork Ribs bring a taste of Cuba & the Caribbean; mouth wateringly good, fall off the bone pork ribs covered in a sticky rum glaze, topped with crispy onion and chilli which will leave you with a messy face and fingers but oh so satisfied.

Las Iguanas 9

If ribs are too messy then there is always the calamari…

Las Iguanas 6

But our table was happy getting stuck in, so we went for the full experience and ordered the chicken wings…

Las Iguanas 7

and the prawns which came in a light tomato, chilli and lime sauce. Shell on, scrumptiousness and when it is all over you can mop up the delicious flavours with some fresh white bread served on the side. Leave no drop untouched!

Las Iguanas 10
You can’t have cocktails without some nachos. Perfect for a snack between four or if you are hungry share between two. There are a choice of toppings but we went for the chicken with bite. We highly recommend these as the ideal appetiser to help you enjoy more cocktails.

Las Iguanas 3

Those who want to branch out and get more flavour from a hotter climate will love these lamb delicacies shown below, smothered in a rich sauce, with a spattering of cheese these scrummy bites are so moreish you just have to get another portion…

Las Iguanas 8

and while you are at it you might as well order some more wings, they have three flavours so you can’t leave having only tried one!

Las Iguanas 4

A meal wouldn’t be complete without something fried to pick at as the food on the table starts disappearing, so take it to the next level by grabbing a portion of sweet potato fries.

Las Iguanas 15

For those driving there are some fabulous non alcoholic cocktails as well. The apple no-ito was a glorious mixture of apple juice and mint, freshly made and a great cleanser for the palate.

Las Iguanas 17

If you have room you could try some of their main courses – we saw a steak on the opposite table which looked divine…Las Iguanas main
There’s also a lovely new choice of seafood on the menu. The Sea Bass is presented in a light lime and achiote marinade on a bed of roast potato mash, chargrilled asparagus and a piquante pepper dressing whilst the Moqueca de Peixe – a favourite in Northeast Brazil consists of peeled prawns and white fish in a creamy coconut, tomato and lime sauce as a main, it’s gluten free if you leave out the bread.

Las Iguanas menu

The already unforgettable Chilli con Carne has had a refresh with rich chunky beef, black beans, spring onions, jalapenos and corn bread. Add an amazing additional twist to this Mexican classic by choosing a mild, medium or hot spiced butter to melt into your chilli. There is something for everyone with a vegetarian menu and a gluten free menu ensuring everyone is very well catered for from alcohol lovers to designated drivers, this is a definitive dining destination for those on a date, friends catching up or even those celebrating good news.

It doesn’t stop there though, because Las Iguanas also has a delicious dessert menu. Can you imagine anything better than a cocktail flavoured jelly for dessert? We can’t! Las Iguanas have introduced the new vegan-friendly Mojito Jelly with Lemon and Lime sorbet to round off your Latin American feast nicely. Unfortunately, most of us were pleasantly too full to indulge in a dessert but one of us had the stamina and ordered the macadamia nut cheesecake with lashings of toffee sauce.

Las Iguanas 18

Head down to Las Iguanas this spring and join the fiesta for fresh, exciting and delicious food and a diverse selection of creative cocktails that will transport you to the beaches of South America (minus the airfare).

There are quite a few to choose from but the ones in London include:-


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