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SLOAN! Magazine tried lavera’s Repair & Care Shampoo and Conditioner. They contain high quality organic rose water and plant keratin which helps smooth the hair structure and provides adequate levels of moisture to leave hair looking healthy. lavera contains 100% natural fragrances, mild emulsifiers and plant-based tensides. The products are free of silicone, paraffin and mineral oil.

The lavera website says about lavera Repair & Care Shampoo:

“Stressed hair is particularly demanding and needs intensive care, especially when it is washed. Mild washing substances obtained from coconuts and sugar cleanse stressed hair particularly gently. Organic rose extracts and the newly developed keratin complex, gained from radishes + three protein-rich plants, envelop the hair – and noticeably even out its structure. The 4-fold active complex developed by lavera from almonds, soya, rice and oats (from certified organic cultivation) makes the hair noticeably suppler. Betaine gives the hair more texture. Hyaluronic acid supplies the hair with moisture.”

The lavera website states that lavera Repair & Care Conditioner “pampers the hair with organic rose extracts, as well as the protein-rich 4-fold active complex and the keratin complex. Precious organic oils gained from avocado and macadamia nuts make the hair supple, and nurture the scalp at the same time. Moisturizing factors based on sugar and wheat complement the rich intensive care, and give the hair new energy.”

The products smell like a rose garden and leave hair feeling soft, smooth and shiny. This new shampoo and conditioner does not use animal products which is perfect for those wanting to use hair products that are approved for vegetarians and vegans. Although they won’t tempt me away from my salon shampoo & conditioner, these products are still very good. You can purchase the products online, at Holland & Barratt and in over 150 independent health stores nationwide.

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  • Vegan
  • 100% natural fragrances
  • Silicone free

  • Uninspiring packaging
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