Lean Greens

Lean Greens is a new breed of green superpowder that doesn’t make you gag because it has a totally neutral smell & taste. Lean Greens is also the only brand on the market to offer a 60-day money back guarantee based purely on taste. This green juice does not taste like pond water and is packed with healthy ingredients to help boost your energy levels and increase your vitality.

LeanGreens_3The powder is made from the following:

Grasses & Algae: Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Spirulina and Chlorella which are 5 of the most powerful grasses & algae, creating an alkaline blend to flush your body of toxins.

Vegetables: 3 superfood vegetables (Broccoli, Spinach, Carrots) packed with vitamins & minerals, keeping you topped up all day

Fruits: A combo of blueberries & blackcurrants which are widely regarded as some of the healthiest fruits to add to your diet

Enzymes: 6 digestive enzymes, aiding gut health, reducing that uncomfortable bloated feeling

Fat burners: Siberian Ginseng & Green Tea to give the blend – & your body – the metabolic advantage and energy powerhouses.

7L6Q9426croppedThere are numerous benefits to taking Lean Greens on a daily basis including these top three health benefits…

1. More Energy
The alkalising ingredients found in Lean Greens cause the body to function better, without it being stressed. Combined with the energy & metabolic ingredients, it gives you a natural increase in energy levels – without jitters or a crash.

2. Reduces Bloating
“The Bloat Banisher – containing various enzymes that aid in the breakdown of fats, sugars and starches, this will help you beat the bloat” (Women’s Health). The combination of the alkalising ingredients & digestive enzymes in Lean Greens are a great way to improve gut (and bowel) health – reducing that uncomfortable bloated feeling.

3. Reduces Cravings
Pound your body with nutrients & your hypothalamus (the part of the brain that controls those hunger signals) is satisfied. Take Lean Greens daily to experience less cravings for sugary food & caffeinated drinks, & to feel fuller for longer.

Lean Greens is gluten free, dairy free & suitable for vegetarians. Buy directly from www.leangreens.com

Lean Greens 500g (30 day serving) – £44.97
Lean Greens 250g (14 day serving) – £24.97
(Free UK delivery for orders over £35)

Lean Greens


Neutral taste


Packed with superfoods


Can have lumps when mixing


  • Best mixed with water in a shaker to avoid lumps
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