Leitz Complete Desktop Multicharger

When Leitz asked us to review the Leitz Complete Desktop Multicharger we jumped at the chance because like so many of us out there, the SLOAN! team were tired of endless plugs and cables lying around to charge our mobiles and tablets.

Leitz Complete Desktop MultichargerThe unique Leitz Complete Desktop Multicharger, available via Amazon for around £55 is perfect for simultaneously charging mobiles, iPods and tablets at the same time using USB connections.

ll_62640095_a3We were able to charge three phones and an iPad at the same time which was great for ensuring the editors at SLOAN! had enough battery life to keep in touch with the magazine’s office when they were out and about in London at meetings and press events.

ll_62640095_a2In addition to charging up to four devices, the Desktop Multicharger allows users to continue to work on their device during charging as it is angled in such as way that it makes a perfect desktop stand for your iPad or tablet. You can even sit your tablet upright at the back of the Desktop Multicharger to watch videos or make Skype calls. What’s more the Desktop Multicharger holds iPads and tablets in landscape and portrait

ll_62640095_a4The Charger has 4 USB ports, 4 Cable spools and 3 micro USB cables as well as a wire spool inside to avoid messy cables. We prefer the black version as it looks more professional but for those who like the minimalist look, the Multicharger is also available in white.

ll_62640095_v1And finally, just in case you were worried about having to use the original charger cable for your device you’ll be pleased to know that the Leitz Complete Desktop Multicharger comes with extra short cables included which keeps your original cable free to use elsewhere.

Leitz Complete Multi charger






User Exerience


Value For Money


The SLOAN! Factor


  • Charge up to 4 devices
  • Reduces clutter
  • Still use items while you are charging
  • Smart appearance
  • Perfect for office or home

  • Had to use original cable for our keepsake iPhone 4s
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