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Licor 43

The Licor 43 website states: “Licor 43 is made according to a secret formula where only natural ingredients are used. Its name comes from the 43 ingredients that make part of it: carefully selected fruits and herbs from the Mediterranean basin. This is why Licor 43 is a unique drink with an unbeatable quality completely different from the rest of liqueurs.”

It’s a shame that this liqueur is not better known outside its native Spain as our review panel loved the unique bouquet of vanilla and citrus. We were also impressed by the versatility of Licor 43 which can be mixed with everything including soda, coffee, cola and even milk. It tastes great on our favourite premium vanilla ice cream too.

See our review score to find out how unbelievable we thought Licor 43 really was.

The SLOAN Review!






User Experience


Value For Money


The SLOAN! Factor


  • Unique citrus bouquet
  • Mixes with everything from cola to milk
  • Easy on the palate

  • Relatively unknown outside Spain

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