Liz Earle Superskin Eye Cream

The new Superskin™ Eye Cream from Liz Earle can refresh, lift and brighten eyes in one supercharged step. We love the luxuriously hydrating, targeted formula of Superskin™ Eye Cream which takes your skincare routine to the next supercharged level. Enriched with Liz Earle’s renowned Superskin™ botanical blend of rosehip, borage and cranberry seed oils, as well as a potent infusion of paracress extract to lift, pomegranate fruit and green tea extracts to brighten and alfalfa extract to reduce puffiness, this supercharged formula leaves eyes looking refreshed and wide awake − delivering noticeable results in just 4 weeks.

Superskin_Eyecream_15ml_2015Liz Earle says, “There’s no better way of slowing the ticking than naturally, with the power of botanicals. That’s why I adore the luxuriously hydrating formula of the new Superskin™ Eye Cream – it visibly lifts, brightens and reduces puffiness to leave eyes looking younger, refreshed and wide awake.”

Enriched with Liz Earle’s renowned Superskin™ botanical blend of rosehip, borage and cranberry seed oils, plus plant extracts specially selected to target the eye area including Pomegranate Fruit and Green Tea Extracts to lessen the appearance of dark circles, Alfalfa Extract to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and Paracress Extract to help gently lift and firm the skin.

James Wong, Liz Earle’s Ethnobotanist says, “We specially-selected the finest botanicals known for their unique efficacy on the delicate eye area – they truly are the very best of nature.”

Superskin™ Eye Cream is best used morning and night after Cleanse & PolishTM Hot Cloth Cleanser and Instant BoostTM Skin Tonic. For best results, apply before SuperskinTM Face serum and your preferred Superskin™ Moisturiser.

We asked Abigail James, Liz Earle’s Treatment Ambassador, for the best Application technique. She told us, “Apply a pea-size amount evenly between the tips of your middle fingers and tap gently onto skin around the eye contours in a circular motion starting at the outer corner of your eye, moving under the eye and then over the orbital bone, out to any fine lines. Smooth outwards around the eye contours, using both your middle and ring fingers. Repeat each move 3 times to help the cream absorb.”

Superskin™ Eye Cream is available from April 2016 at Liz Earle flagship stores,, selected counters at John Lewis and Boots, and on QVC, £35.00 for 15ml.

Superskin™ Eye Cream








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  • naturally active ingredients
  • noticeable results in just 4 weeks
  • Endorsed by Ethnobotanist James Wong
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