Lysbeth’s 12 Top Travel Tips

Lysbeth Fox
Lysbeth Fox

With 20 years of experience in the luxury travel sector, Lysbeth Fox defines The Modern Jet Setter.  Lysbeth has worked for and with some of the best known travel companies world-wide, including helping to launch Richard Branson’s Necker Island and his Moroccan haven Kasbah Tamadot.

Lysbeth now heads up her own travel luxury PR agency Fox PR which consults with clients as far flung as Cambodia, Thailand and the Datca Peninsula in Turkey.

Lysbeth is more than a frequent flier – she is a constant traveller. Having flown all over the world for both work and pleasure here are Lysbeth’s Top Travel Tips:

1. Always buy something at the airport, even a coffee on your credit card. That way the bank will see that you are travelling and won’t cancel your card whilst you are travelling abroad (if you haven’t called them first to let them know you are travelling abroad, and seriously, who has time to do that?).

2. My top packing tip, don’t roll belts up, straighten them out and line them just inside your case so it mirrors the suitcase lining, saves on tons of space!

3. Did you know your mobile phone provider will still charge you for voicemails left in  a foreign country, even if you listen to them back in the UK. Turn off your voicemail, which is easy to do, with Vodafone all you have to do is dial 121. But the top tip, is put a calendar note in your diary for when you land to put it back on, otherwise it might be days before you realise you have no voicemail!

4. I always leave a plastic zip locked bag in my wash kit, so that when I travel with hand luggage only, I put all my liquids in this bag and can whip it out easily at security. I also put my wash bag at the top of the case so don’t have to rummage through all my clothes to find it

5. Talking about security, always head for the queue where the majority of people are dressed in suits, the line will be sure to go quicker than the ones with the families!

6. When flying long haul, order a special meal ie Vegetarian, Asian as you always get served first!

7. Take your own ear plugs, and eye masks, you never know when a hotel is going to put aesthetics before practicality. It’s also great to have them handy for the flight, so you can block out screaming children, or loud technology.

8. I always arrive at the airport with no make up and in my most comfortable clothes. Then just before landing I freshen up, get changed and apply my make up – I feel and look fresh, ready for the day’s agenda and the meet and greets ahead.

9. I always carry a pashmina or shawl on the flight as I often get cold,  but also whilst abroad you never know when you’ll need an extra layer of warmth.

10. You want to be fun and spontaneous, so always pack a bikini and waterproof mascara, then you can jump into the sea wherever you are and still come out looking glamorous.

11. And my luxury for less tip…look out for new hotel openings, in the first three months of opening the hotel offers what’s called a ‘soft opening’ rate, it’ll be the lowest price you’ll ever get for a five star hotel.

12. And finally, travelling with an iPad or Kindle is a given if you want light weight luggage, but my tip? Always open the magazine or start the film to check if media has fully downloaded at home. there is nothing more annoying than getting on the plane and not being able to open them!

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