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Magic Clearboard

Magic Clearboard is a great way to create a noticeboard in the office or at home. Simply tear a sheet off the roll and it clings with static to any hard flat surface – leaving no marks. Once on the wall, simply place paper, photos and documents behind the sheet and smooth it out. You are also able to write on each sheet with any whiteboard dry marker and wipe it clean!

Magic Clearboard Freya 2 - high resYou get 25 A1 sheets on the roll (60x80cm), ideal for copying/tracing drawings and writing. Paper and photos also stick to Magic Clearboard without tape, tack or glue. Great for sticking to windows (write on it and you can see through the window), walls, doors, glass walls and interactive whiteboards. Overlay documents & maps with Magic Clearboard ™ and annotate your work.

Magic Clearboard Freya - high resWith every Magic Clearboard, you get a free Magic Clicky Marker – whiteboard marker with no lid to lose – the ink never dries out! 1000m writing distance. World’s first retractable whiteboard marker – perfect for writing on your Magic Clearboard.

The A1 Magic Erasable Clearboard ™ – 25 sheet roll costs £33.49 and is available from www.magicwhiteboard.co.uk

Magic Clearboard










The SLOAN! Factor


  • create a noticeboard almost anywhere
  • compatiable with any whiteboard marker
  • Versatile and practical solution for work and home

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