La Maison Maille Spring Summer Collection

Coffret ferme-ªu¦ê 3 pots FR_UKInspired by the current renaissance of the iconic Parisian Bistro, Maille has created three fresh new flavours for Spring/Summer 2015 to embody the vibrancy of France’s hottest food scene. Using the highest quality seasonal ingredients to infuse traditional Dijon mustard, Maille epitomises chic and creative cuisine.

Bistros are back on the foodie agenda this year with a wave of Michelin-starred chefs recognizing the simple pleasures of bistro-style cooking. By harnessing the nostalgic flavours used in the intimate kitchens of old Parisian bistros and combining them in unexpected ways, Maille is refreshing classic French traditions. The result is an exciting trio of mustards, which epitomise the modern bistro and will transform your casual dining experience.

Renowned French chef Bruno Loubet has created a selection of recipes, incorporating the unique mustards to enrich classic dishes with a flavourful modern edge. The gift set includes:

Pot Face POIVRON-PIMENT D'ESPELETTE_FRMustard with Red & Green Peppers, White Wine and a Touch of Espelette Chilli

Sweet peppers, perfectly combined with the intense chilli notes of French Espelette Pepper, offer a marvellous aroma. This harmony of flavours will enhance simple dishes such as a fillet of cod with chorizo or steak tartare with grilled tomatoes.

Pot Face CAVIAR-AUBERGINES_FRMustard with Aubergine and a Hint of Rosemary

Warming Mediterranean flavours of aubergine, queen of the kitchen garden, enhanced with fragrant rosemary. The velvety, melt in the mouth texture is the perfect accompaniment for a herb-crusted rack of lamb, a fillet of red mullet or even a goat’s cheese and ham tart.

Pot Face RHUBARBE_FRMustard with Rhubarb, Strawberry and White Wine

Strawberries provide a delightfully sweet taste of summer in perfect combination with the tangy flavour of rhubarb. This flavoursome combination goes exceptionally well with a red berry salad, French toast or simply a bowl of strawberries and cream.

Maille is a premium French mustard brand, most famous for creating the finest Dijon and wholegrain mustards. Founded in 1747 by Antoine Maille, who became the official Vinegar Maker and Distiller to the King of France, La Maison Maille has accumulated an extraordinary heritage of craftsmanship, creativity and innovation. Inspired by traditional artisan methods and more than 265 years of expertise, the creators at Maille use high quality ingredients to create complex flavours that make meals memorable.

Coffret ouvert 3 pots FR_UKThere are four La Maison Maille Boutiques worldwide, including London Piccadilly and the recently opened store in New York. The boutiques offer a wide variety of mustards, vinegars and gourmet ingredients, including traditional mustards on tap.
Drawing on over 265 years of expertise, La Maison Maille has developed a range of over 40 unique mustard blends. Using the tart warmth of Dijon mustard to enhance the flavour of fresh ingredients, it continues to create exciting new flavour combinations.

RRP £25 for a box of three mustards (3x100ml)
£6.95 for each 100ml mustard
Stockists: La Maison Maille, 2 Piccadilly Arcade London, and

Maille Spring/Summer 2015 Collection






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