Maille – Le Banquet du Roy

Maille states: “The range of mustards are inspired by the refinement of the French royal banquets in the 18th century, when Antoine Maille’s innovative flavour combinations caught the attention of Louis XV of France. In 1747 he was appointed as the official supplier of mustards and vinegars to the French court and became an icon of his time due to his passion and creativity — the same passion and creativity that inspires Maille to this day.”

“Cocoa & Raspberry combines the tang of raspberries with the delicate bitterness of cocoa, an ingredient beloved of Louis XV and Marie-Thérèse of Austria. In contrast, Verjuice & Honey pairs the sweetness of honey with Verjuice – the juice of pressed, sour unripe grapes. Verjuice may be an unfamiliar ingredient to modern food connoisseurs, but its sharp acidity has been fundamental in fine French cuisine for centuries. To complete the set, Chanterelle Mushrooms and Sorrel uses the intense flavour of this peppery fungus, which was originally grown in the kitchen garden of the palace of Versailles, paired with delicate notes of sorrel. A trio fit for a royal banquet – and your table.”

We tried the Cocoa & Raspberry with duck breast, the Verjuice & Honey alongside a selection of soft cheeses and the Chanterelle Mushrooms & Sorrel stirred into a rabbit casserole. They all tasted delicious and we highly recommend you visit the Maille Boutique in Piccadilly to buy this limited edition collection or purchase online at

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  • Sophisticated presentation
  • Exceptional quality
  • Innovative flavour combinations
  • Perfect gift for discerning friends

  • Only available from Maille Boutique or
  • Limited edition
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