Mastering the Art of Manifesting

Law of Attraction expert, Sarah Morgan, shares three different ways to help you design a life you love by mastering the art of manifesting.

Sarah Morgan – Law of Attraction expert

There is definitely a shift happening globally at the moment and the UK is, of course, following suit. More and more people are seeking greater ease and balance in their lives and realising that the Law of Attraction (LOA) is more than just plausible, it absolutely works – unfailingly, every time.

Just like gravity is a law, so is the Law of Attraction (LOA). It rules that energy attracts like energy and it’s not ‘airy-fairy’ and ‘woo woo’ – even physics and science backs up the process. It’s very simply all about energy; we are made of it as is everything around us and our energy attracts more of the same. So, if you can direct your thoughts in the correct way you will attract what you think about.

So many well-known people attribute LOA as as paramount to their success, including Steve Jobs, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Jim Carey, UFC fighter Conor McGregor and Kate Perry, Oprah Winfrey. Even Albert Einstein was lightyears ahead of the times when he said; “Logic will get you from A – B, imagination will get you everywhere.”

So, what can you do to harness this powerful energy?

1. Dream Day Journaling

THIS is the gold dust technique that, when done correctly, is literally life-changing. Each morning just spend 10 – 15 minutes writing down your dream day. And the hint is in the word ‘dream’. This doesn’t mean writing about what is practical, feasible, finance or time allowing, this is your DREAM day and the key to this is to go BIG! You should feel eager anticipation and excitement when you do this – very similar to the excitement you had when you were a child when you believed anything and everything was possible. It should feel playful, uplifting and amazing – because what you FEEL, you ATTRACT!

2. Meditation

There are so many different types of meditation you can practice and the beauty of it is that, even if you just do it for 15 minutes, it will slow down your mind and slow any limiting/negative thoughts that will be holding your manifestations at bay. Remember, energy attracts like energy so you don’t to be thinking about things you DON’T want!

3. Vision Board

This is also very key, when it’s done correctly. Find pictures that literally light you up and excite you! They will most likely mirror your Dream Day journaling and, once your board is done, then look at it every day and literally drink up the pictures and feel the emotions. Don’t let it collect dust and always keep updating it, as it always needs to feel exciting because, again, what you focus on finds its way to you. Vision boards are different to a goal boards which, for some, can provoke feelings of pressure (you don’t want to create any negative/icky feelings – as this is what you will manifest!)

How you will know LOA is working for you

You will know you are on the right track with all of the above as you will immediately feel a greater sense of happiness and excitement. Over the next 1 – 2 weeks you will gain clarity, exciting ideas (which you should always take inspired action on as this is the universe bringing in your manifestations) and your life will just expand and move your manifestations start to roll in!

Mastering the Art of Manifesting coach, Sarah Morgan, offers advice and guidance on her website and also in her global manifesting facebook group. Visit for more information.

About Sarah Morgan

Formerly a London-based PR Senior Account Director, Sarah is now following her passion of coaching Law of Attraction. She helps her clients achieve all types of manifestations including money, dream jobs, relationships and lifestyles. She enables clients to uncover their true passions, purposes and ‘zones of genius’ and to design a life they truly love.

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