MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47X5 Air Purifier

According to Allergy UK, allergy is widespread in the UK, with millions of adults suffering from at least one allergy, with numbers continuing to rise. Pollution is most obvious in large cities, along busy roads and in industrial areas but there are also many sources of pollutants that we bring into our own home. Raised levels of pollutants and toxins are constantly in the atmosphere in the modern home though smoking, faulty boilers, chemicals that are given off by new furniture, perfumes, air fresheners, paints and cleaning products (all commonly known as VOCs). Dust mites that live in the bed and mould spores can all cause harm, and whereas hayfever is seasonal the above can trigger a reaction all year round.


An air purifier can provide relief from these allergens, and MEACO (U.K.) Limited has created MeacoClean, a next generation air purification range that works to clean the air and relieve the suffering caused by these pollutants. For the first time, the new MeacoClean range offers a bespoke air purification experience to suit the allergy and room size, so improving the air quality in a home by selecting the right product to suit the personal needs. According to Meaco’s research most people fail to buy the correct air purifier as they do not match the allergy to the filter required, or they buy an air purifier that is too small for their room so it cannot clean the air efficiently.


MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47X5 works in rooms between 29 and 78m³, and uses an advanced multi-stage air cleaning system to purifier the air. It has been awarded the Seal of Approval by Allergy UK. The more often the air from a room goes through the air purifier each hour, the cleaner the air will become. You should be able to divide a room size into the air purifiers air flow at least three times. This will mean that the air in the room is being cleaned three times an hour. If the allergy is bad go for 5 times an hour and if the condition is severe then use a factor of 7.

How it works

1. Firstly, the pre-filter removes large airborne particles.
2. Secondly the true HEPA filter removes particles from the air as small as 0.3 microns
3. The enhanced charcoal filter removes smells and odour
4. The combined ultra violet and Photocatalytic Oxidation enhanced Titanium Dioxide (PCO) combine to destroy viruses, germs and bacteria.
5. Finally the ioniser helps to neutralise dust particles.

Here at the magazine, we love the compact design and ease of use. We recommend that those with mild allergies use the purifier in a room size of 78m³ to allow the air to be cleaned up to 3 times an hour. Those with moderate allergies should use the purifier in a room size of 47m³ to clean the air the recommended 5 times an hour. Severe allergic reactions are unpleasant and potentially harmful so sufferers should only use this purifier in a room size of 34m³ or smaller to allow the air to be cleaned a minimum of 7 times an hour. Please speak to your GP or medical practitioner if you are concerned about how your allergies are affecting your health.

MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47×5 costs £149.99 and is available from

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