Medichecks Essential Winter Detox

MediChecks’ Essential Winter Detox Check gives you the perfect opportunity to find out how healthy you are after the indulgences of Christmas and the New Year Resolutions that may have fallen by the wayside. We tried out the service when it launched earlier this year.

IMG_1380If you’re planning to get fit and want to stick to healthy lifestyle changes, the MediChecks Detox Check package will help you to monitor your results using an informative online dashboard to see how changes in your lifestyle are impacting these important biomarkers in your blood.

We tried the Essential Winter Detox service for ourselves and our reviewer had bloods taken at The Doctors Laboratory on Wimpole Street in London. The service was quick and efficient. The team at The Doctors Laboratory are highly trained and the needle wasn’t even felt as it went in. Results were up online almost the next day and we were impressed at the speed and detailed dashboard which is really easy to use. Our reviewer was actually a lot healthier than he thought after seeing the first results but the tests did show up a deficiency in Vitamin D which is very common here in the UK.

test-brochureAfter 30 days of detoxing and living a healthier lifestyle, our reviewer had lost weight, taken up regular exercise and improved his eating habits. He said the Essential Winter Detox gives the impetus one needs to kick start healthy lifestyle changes because your focus is shifted to striving for tangible results you can see in the second blood test.

The second blood test showed improvements in a number of areas but Vitamin D levels were still low after supplementation. We recommend trying BetterYou’s DLux Vitamin D Spray which is available in a range of strengths and formulas for all the family. Click here to read our review.

The Essential Winter Detox looks at the following areas:

Liver Check

The liver bears the brunt of any excesses over the festive period. Too much alcohol and food are the primary causes of liver disease outside of viral disease like hepatitis. Lots of people have raised liver enzymes after the festive season, indicating potential liver injury. Prolonged partying may lead to permanent scarring or cirrhosis, but give the liver a rest and its powers of recovery can be amazing. Our Liver Check measures key enzymes, which, if raised, indicate that their liver needs a well-earned break.

Kidney Function

Kidneys filter all the waste products from the body so it is vital that they are working properly. Our Kidney Function test checks how well the kidneys are doing their job as well as examining the balance of electrolytes in the blood, especially important when people are dehydrated from excessive alcohol consumption.


The risk of a heart attack is higher during the festive season, which may be due to the higher levels of fat circulating in the blood stream (along with all the other over-indulgences). Our cholesterol test measures two important markers of heart disease risk: total cholesterol and triglycerides, both of which can cause fatty deposits on artery walls.

Diabetes Check

As well as the liver, the pancreas will have been working overtime during the festive period to pump out enough insulin to clear the blood of all that sugar and get it into cells. In our diabetes check we are looking very specifically at the level of sugar that has been in the blood over the previous 8 – 12 weeks. This is a good sign of whether the body has coped with higher sugar consumption over the festive period and may be a great incentive to finally quit that sugar habit.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important test in the winter months. Many people have insufficient in Vitamin D even before the onset of winter, and add to that the shorter days and shorter rays, by January they could well be deficient. Vitamin D is not only important for strong bones and teeth, but also for immune function – especially important in the winter months.

Medichecks do a whole host of checks each tailored to the needs of a specific group of individuals such as men, women, athletes or just those wanting to monitor their health. For more information, please visit

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