Mello Melon Juice

Mello states that: “Mello is the UK’s first and only range of raw, fresh melon juice. Produced with the cutting edge technology of High Pressure Processing (HPP), Mello captures the goodness of a whole melon in every bottle to create a completely unique drink that not only tastes great but is bursting with health benefits. Every drop of Mello is naturally alkaline, low calorie and zero fat. Unapologetically natural, it is rich in essential vitamins and antioxidants, rehydrating, repairing and replenishing as nature intended, with no added sugar, sweeteners, water or preservatives.”

We tried both the Watermelon and the Cantaloupe varieties. Both are very nice but we preferred the Watermelon which we found more refreshing and we were more familiar with Watermelon juice as a beverage from holidays in the Mediterranean and the Far East. Mello also informed us that the Watermelon juice is a great post workout as it rehydrates, speeds metabolism, detoxifies and is rich in potassium and L-Citrulline, which aids muscle recovery. Another useful feature of the Watermelon juice is that it provides a much needed boost to those suffering the morning after the night before. The juices also come in a very handy size which can be popped to a handbag or gym bag and are available from Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and other independent stores. We have been told that Mello Melon Juices will soon be stocked by Ocado  & Harrods. SLOAN! recommends them for their taste and their uniqueness.

See the review score below for more on our Mello experience.

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  • UK's only raw melon juice
  • HPP proceesing retains all the goodness
  • Less messy than eating a whole melon

  • Separates after a few hours so don't forget to shake it
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