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Monique Hart has now introduced the bespoke must-have product Bleeding Hart Mist and the signature Bleeding Hart Candle to her product range. Monique champions the use of the Bleeding Heart essence which it is not commonly used in products. The essence has powerful properties making it a perfect and unique ingredient to be carefully blended with the purest and finest sourced essential oils to create the bespoke Monique Hart products.

The Bleeding Hart Mist (£29) can be used as a hydrating face and body mist as well as a pillow spray for sleep and relaxation. It can also be used as a room spray throughout your home for a sense of calm and peace. It’s delicate, rosy, fresh, uplifting scent has a purifying effect. The combination of ingredients help to re-energise and calm the nervous system, diminishing effects of stress, fear and anxiety. The hero ingredient in the mist is hyaluronic acid, which allows the mist to improve the physical signs of stress by rehydrating and plumping stressed and tired skin.


The mist creates a beautiful aroma. Once inhaled, it meets with over 5 million receptor neurons in the brain which react to certain smells. An essential oil with a particularly calming effect on the body is received by the brain to input relaxation. Neurochemicals are created and sent around the body, enabling the body to relax.

The Monique Hart signature Bleeding Hart candle (£29) has the most delicate and beautiful aroma, created using the best organic certified oils of Lavender, Rose, Cedar Wood and Geranium. They create a soothing sedative for the mind combined with the physical and emotional calming effects of Lemon Balm. The aroma delivers peace for sleep and relaxation to a stressed nervous system.

Bleeding Heart Candle

The unique Bleeding Heart is a woodland flower used for its essence. This flower essence works on energy levels which restore the balance of the body, mind and spirit. It specialises in the realm of emotions and attitudes it embodies, influencing your health. The Bleeding Heart flower is a unique essence that enables one to open their heart to forgiveness, compassion, loving, kindness, and allowing peace and happiness.

All of the Monique Hart products use 14% fragrance (many industry brands only use 5%) and since discovering the plant in her grandad’s woodland, the Bleeding Heart has become the key ingredient. It is harvested from the purest of environments in the Alaskan Range to ensure the clarity and integrity of the 100% natural ingredients. The Bleeding Hart Mist and Candle can be bought as a set for £55.

Monique Hart formulations blend the therapeutic benefits of the purest botanical essential oils with the unique and powerful essence of bleeding heart. Created for professional use in the signature treatments at The Hart Spa Staffordshire, the range of honest, 100% natural products are made in England. The products are a pleasure to use with delicate aromas and fragranced only by 100% natural essential oils, the result is a truly sensorial experience.

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  • Incredibly versatile as a room spray, face & body mist or pillow spray
  • Relaxing fragrance calms the mind
  • Contains hyaluronic acid with anti-
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