Morphy Richards Brita Accents Filter Kettle

The Brita Accents Brushed Stainless Steel Filter Kettle from Morphy Richards is a stylish addition to any kitchen and allows you to enjoy cleaner, clearer, great tasting BRITA filtered water so you can savour hot drinks with a more natural aroma and fuller flavour.

Once you have had your first cup of tea from this BRITA filter kettle you will understand why thousands of satisfied customers rely on BRITA to filter their water. Filtering your water improves the taste and appearance of beverages by reducing limescale, lead, chlorine and other impurities.

The kettle uses BRITA MAXTRA filter cartridges which offer improved filtration due to MAXTRA Technology. The natural MicroporeFilter in combination with the powerful ProtectFilter reduces chlorine and limescale for a great natural taste and further reduces metals such as lead and copper. Unique FlowControl ensures the perfect filtration time for best results.

BRITA filter kettleThe kettle can filter up to 2 cups of water in the BRITA hopper in one go and the kettle has a maximum capacity of 1.5 litres or 6 cups. The illuminated water gauge in cool blue stylishly complements the brushed metal finish.

The top lid button release enables you to fill your kettle easily – it is important not to use the spout to fill the kettle as this will mean the water is not filtered. The 3kW element ensures rapid boiling and the 360 cordless base allows for left and right handed use. Cord storage in the base ensures your kitchen surface is kept neat and tidy and the cordless kettle means you can use it anywhere once boiled.

BRITA filtration technology means that your water is pure to ensure you have a perfect cup of tea or coffee and for those who find reminders useful, the unique BRITA Memo measures the recommended time of use of your cartridge. The BRITA Memo is located on the filter kettle handle and clearly shows you when to change your filter for best results. With standard usage it is recommended that you change the filter every 4 weeks.

One of the advantages of the Morphy Richards BRITA Accents Filter Kettle is that you can start boling the kettle while it is still filtering the water so there is no waiting around.

BRITA Filter Cartridges conform to the highest quality standards. Raw materials and final products are subject to stringent internal and external controls. BRITA Filter Cartridges are steam treated. An independent institute certifies the food grade quality of BRITA water filters and cartridges.

As well as providing customers with great tasting water, BRITA also cares about the environment and it is reassuring to know that the BRITA MAXTRA Filter Cartridge is 100% recyclable.

The Brita Accents Brushed Stainless Steel Filter Kettle from Morphy Richards costs £49.99. For stockist information please see

Morphy Richards BRITA Kettle








The SLOAN! Factor


  • Stylish design
  • Rapid boil
  • BRITA filter technology

  • Can feel heavy when full
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