Natur Boutique Artichoke Tea

Popular in France, Italy and Spain, artichoke remains a rare sight on dinner plates in the UK. With numerous research papers published throughout 2014 however, highlighting its powerful benefits, the vegetable, or more correctly the flower, is set to be at the top of shopping lists for the health conscious in 2015.

Artichoke TeaArtichoke has a unique flavoursome taste, making it a popular antipasti on the Continent and it contains a natural chemical which creates a sweet sensation in the mouth, but it the flower’s health benefits that have recently been creating headlines.

Already well known for an apparent ability to help with IBS, new studies throughout 2014 highlighted other potential benefits of artichoke, including facilitating liver health, helping keep type 2 diabetes at bay, and being packed full of anti-oxidants (artichoke is claimed to be higher in anti-oxidants than most other vegetables).

So for those looking to give their health a boost in the New Year, the humble artichoke could be an easy and affordable solution.

One of the easiest, and tastiest, ways to include artichoke in your diet in 2015 is with Natur Boutique’s Organic Artichoke Tea, which is now available from Holland and Barrett stores nationwide and costs just £2.99 per box. With a sweet earthy taste it is used just like any other herbal tea; simply add hot water and enjoy not only its taste, but also its potential benefits.

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  • Lots of healthy benefits
  • Naturally sweet taste
  • Good for digestion

  • A bit too earthy on the palate
  • Mustn't drink this if you have gallstones
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