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We all know the frustrating feeling of those hopefully few and far between nights that we lie in bed tossing and turning as we struggle to get to sleep. Whether our sleep pattern is disturbed because we have our work to-do-lists running through our minds, we’re worrying about a predicament that we can’t solve, or even because excitement is keeping us buzzing, sleeplessness is something we all want to avoid.

Brits are spending the equivalent of two years of their life tossing and turning as they struggle to sleep, with more than a third saying that they rarely have a full night’s sleep . And sleeplessness can sometimes be worse in the winter months – as the days get darker we spend less time in sunlight and more time under artificial light which can disturb our sleep-wake cycle.

If you are occasionally struggling to get to sleep there are many things that you can do to try to help, but if you are looking for a natural healthcare option to help bring about a restful night’s sleep then Nelsons® Noctura® may fit the bill. Nelsons Noctura contains a unique selection of homeopathic remedies specifically combined to help aid a peaceful night’s sleep.

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Nelsons gives the below tips to help relieve the symptoms of a sleepless night so you can get back to feeling refreshed for the day ahead.
1) Get at least 30 minute of natural light each day, even in winter. The exposure to the wide spectrum light during the day boosts serotonin levels, which will help improve melatonin levels at night.
2) For at least an hour before you go to bed try not to look at screens, that includes your phone, your computer and your TV! It can mean that you get distracted and stay up too late and the bright light can trick your body into thinking that it’s day time.
3) Have a bed time routine. Sleep rituals like having a bath and reading a book for half an hour can help you to unwind and mentally prepare for going to sleep.
4) Create a comfortable sleep environment by making sure your room is as dark and quiet as possible and you have a comfortable bed. If this is out of your control invest in an eye mask and some ear plugs.
5) Try not to have too much caffeine throughout the day – herbal teas like peppermint tea or chamomile tea post 12pm are a better option.
6) Try a homeopathic product like Nelsons Noctura which aids a restful night sleep.
7) Don’t drink too much before you go to sleep, you might need the loo which will disturb your sleep.
8) Try stretching or meditating before bed for 15 minutes, it can help relax you.
9) If you have a lot on take a notebook to bed with you. If you have thoughts that interrupt your sleep then write them down so they are not running through your mind.
10) Don’t eat a heavy meal just before you go to bed as it can cause digestive upset.

Nelsons Noctura is priced at £5.99 and available from Boots, Holland & Barrett and all good independent health food and pharmacy stores or online at

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