New Insights From Customer Health Survey Report

Antiaging Nutrition_Mature-CoupleNew research commissioned by online supplement store Antiaging Nutrition has revealed that consumers are now spending more than £200 a month on health products, due to concerns about suffering from illnesses such as Cancer, Heart Disease and Arthritis.

No Trust in Medicines

The research focused on gaining further understanding of the behaviours of those who were health conscious with both their diet and exercise regimes. Over a third of those questioned admitted to spending hundreds of pounds a month on various supplements and vitamins. With reasons ranging from health benefits they provide, to not trusting modern medicines.

In fact over 55% of those who participated in the research stated that they do not trust chemical based drugs, and believe that natural medicines provide many benefits over conventional medicines.

As summed up by one respondent:

“Modern medicine uses drugs and surgery to supress symptoms. They don’t cure anything. Treatment is profitable, cure is not.”

However, there were different opinions between the sexes. 43% of women were more likely to trust modern medicines endorsed by doctors compared to only 11% of men.

Exercise Is More Important Than Diet

While many preach the importance of having a balanced diet, for consumers, over 47% of people believed that exercise was far more important than diet.  Nearly 30% revealed that they visited the gym weekly, while only 12% preferred exercising at home.

Those that had a regular routine admitted preferring training outside or going to a gym or leisure centre, as they could also enjoy a change scenery and social interaction.

However there was a worrying trend that the research identified. Although exercise was identified as the most important part of a balanced lifestyle, nearly 42% of those questioned admitted to only exercising once or twice a month.

A spokesperson for Antiaging Nutrition admitted that this trend could give some reasoning as to why we spend so much on vitamins and supplements.

“It’s all about balance. In the hectic lifestyles that people now lead, it can be difficult to introduce and stick to a regular exercise regime. Diet is seen as the next best way of controlling your weight and being healthy. Supplements and vitamins are seen as a way to compensate for other areas which are lacking.”

Thoughtful Senior LadyThe Concerns Of Getting Older

The research also revealed that people are starting to worry about aging a lot early than may have been previously thought. For those aged 50 and above, arthritis was their main concern, while over 50% of those aged in their 20s and 30s were more concerned about suffering from cancer.

“It is the mistrust with modern medicine and a growing awareness of diseases such as cancer which is fuelling the need to try alternative and natural medicines.

“It’s also positive to note that many of our users understand the importance of regular exercise and the significance of a daily intake of fruit and veg.

“For companies like ours, while these findings do reaffirm the growing market for natural products, it also highlights a major concern for the medical industry. People are starting to question the treatments which are being prescribed to them.

The report is available to the public on the Antiaging Nutrition blog.

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