New Nordic Hair Volume

Hair loss and thinning is something that effects 40% of women in the UK and 80% of men. There are many treatments on the market, however many of them can be invasive and extremely costly.

New Nordic’s Hair Volume is a new and unique hair tablet supplement which contains Apple, traditionally eaten in Sweden for beautiful hair and there has been research which proves the link between apples and hair growth. This is because apples contain Procyanidin B-2, a natural growth factor that appears to be able to promote the active growth phase of hair follicles.

hairvolumeHair Volume™ will not only help to maintain a normal hair growth cycle but also encourages hair to grow and become more voluminous and thicker. New Nordic’s unique formulation of bioactive nutrient ingredients which includes amino acids, keratin, horsetail, zinc and copper; all help to aid hair follicle growth, making hair stronger and healthier. Added benefits of copper can also contribute to normal hair pigmentation to help fight grey hairs!

The apple extract used in this tablet is naturally rich in procyanidin-B2. The apples are picked, mashed, dried and extracted, so that the desired herbal substance is preserved. This gives a guarantee for a high quality.

Hair Volume is available in a 30 tablet pack £24.99 or a 90 tablet pack £59.95 – Take 1 tablet per day with a glass of water.

New Nordic Hair Volume™ is available from Holland & Barrett, Amazon and independent Pharmacies

Hair Volume


Natural ingredients






The SLOAN! Factor


  • contains a natural growth factor from apples
  • contains copper to help reduce grey hairs
  • hair is stronger and thicker (after continued use)
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