Nick Higgins: Keeping Fit in Winter

As the cold really draws in the winter months see the leaves falling, it’s often wet and dark and everything just starts to become that little bit harder.

It’s easy to let the good habits die and succumb to the seemingly better option of curling up in front of the sofa in the warmth. However, this is a time when you really need to stay active and healthy to get the endorphins that you are potentially missing from sunshine.

Keep up the physical:

  • If you’re used to doing exercise outdoors, get some thermals and keep yourself wrapped up. The feeling of being warm on a cold crisp morning whilst you’re jogging, watching your breath evaporate, being at one with the elements, is incredibly uplifting.
  • If you’re not really into the gym but want to keep a good balance between endurance, cardio and strength, a great app I use is Freeletics. You can be indoors or out, and its all about using your own body weight to keep you fit and healthy.
  • If the outdoors doesn’t appeal, keep up the good habits with finding exercises classes very close to your home or office. Then you have no excuses.
  • For me, the best way to get through the winter months is to do a daily self practice of yoga. You don’t have to go anywhere to do it, just in your living room/bedroom. You stretch and strengthen all the body parts meaning all the niggles and pains dissipate, allowing you to feel truly amazing.
  • Which ever you do, its always best to try and do it in the morning. Not only does it set you up for the day, but generally in the winter months the festivities are slowly starting to creep in, therefore a little more socialising means your healthily evening routine can start to dwindle.

Eat the good stuff:

As it gets colder the craving for warmer meals starts to happen which is fine, but there is always the danger of overindulging in the unnecessary; like more carbohydrates as they give us a sense of comfort and less vegetables. Try and keep the good habits of eating lots of fresh veg, fruit, nuts and a little lean meat to keep up the protein and antioxidant intake and try to avoid too many carbs. This will keep you physically in check avoiding cold and flu in the colder months, but also mentally upbeat and active.

Keep up the mental:

Finally, keeping mentally fit is key in these winter months. Work loads may build up toward Christmas so its important to ease those stress levels too. Meditation is a wonderful tool to keep you mentally stable, just doing as little as 10 minutes a day will keep the stress levels away. A great little app is Headspace, who break it down and make it really easy to understand and use.

One of the key ingredients in staying mentally fit is to make sure that you interact with friends and family.  London has a huge amount to offer, especially coming up to the festive season so there’s a bigger opportunity  to see loved ones and to have fun.


Fitness - Nick Higgins
Fitness – Nick Higgins

After a brief stint as a TV presenter, Nick Higgins spent 2 years working as a school teacher while training to be a full-time yoga instructor. Following teacher training at leading studio Yoga Haven in Morocco and Clapham, he began working at their hot studios in London. Combining the pedagogical approach with a fresh eye for business, he now acts as Operations Director (yoga, logistics, bookings, instructors etc).

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