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Nicky Clarke state that their Instant Calmer “smoothes and controls hair for a sleek luxe finish. Forming a natural shield over the hair, this professional smoothing balm makes hair soft, shiny and manageable allowing hair to move freely into styles. With Argan Oil and avocado extract to soften and add shine.”

Our reviewer found that Instant Calmer left her hair with incredible shine but as she had quite thick hair she commented that she had to use more product than she first expected. After blow drying her hair she felt that the product gave her adequate control and smoothed her style for a sleek finish. This product can also be used as a serum for frizzy and fly-away hair.

SLOAN! also sampled Nicky Clarke Hair Raising which claims it “creates substantial lift and support for all hair types. It leaves hair feeling natural, touchable and brushable – NEVER STICKY!”

Nicky Clarke OBE has been quoted as saying that “Hair Raising is my number one styling product. It’s used by my stylists and on photographic shoots and backstage at fashion shows worldwide.”

The product was recently improved a higher “client friendly” standard. It is a great volumising product that has been the cornerstone of the Nicky Clarke hair care range for over 20 years. Leading hair stylists use it worldwide claiming it makes hair malleable and durable, almost like fabric.

Our SLOAN! reviewer loved Hair Raising and raved that it gave her amazing volume and lifted the roots very well. There was no sticky residue on her hair and the product made it much easier to achieve the style she wanted. We would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable product to give them volume and root lift.

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Value For Money


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  • Salon quality products to use at home
  • Been around for over 20 years
  • Hair Raising is a must have hair product

  • Packaging looks too masculine
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