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For centuries women have been beautifying their skin to reduce the signs of ageing. Hair and skin have very similar properties, which can be treated and maintained to look healthy and youthful, through a proven regime. Influenced by the advancements in skin care, Revolution Hair Concepts has developed Noir Caviar, a luxurious anti-age 3-step beauty regime for your hair, which incorporates a unique C3 TRIFECTA™ of rejuvenating and replenishing active ingredients that have been developed in tandem, considering the formulations used in skin care but refined to transform the hair. The unique C3 TRIFECTA™ of Caviar, Collagen and Ceramides targets the signs of ageing by stimulating and strengthening the hair follicle. C3 recharges damaged, ageing hair above and underneath the scalp to restore your tresses.

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The nutrient rich formula contains Black Caviar Extract from the Caspian Sea which is full of nutrients and minerals. Vitamins D, A, E & B12 provide antioxidant protection, whilst a high mineral content of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium help to strengthen the hair fibre. Proteins, lipids and essential fatty acids hydrate and restructure the hair. The formula also contains Collagen which helps to strengthen the hair above and below the scalp, adding lustre, volume and bounce to the hair, making it full of vitality. Ceramides create a protective barrier around the hair to hold in moisture, whilst protecting the hair from chemical damage, heat damage and UVA rays. The formula will restore, strengthen, smooth and replenish the hair to enhance fullness, add shine and improve manageability.


STEP 1 – Noir Caviar Anti-Age Restorative Cleanser (250ml) RRP £13.50

Gently replenishing moisture and improving overall manageability, this restorative cleanser will not dry out, fade hair colour or strip hair of vital nutrients. With regular use, hair will become stronger, smoother and shinier.

LR Noir Caviar_Anti-Age Restorative CleanserTo use, apply a small amount to wet hair. Massage gently into the hair and scalp. Rinse and repeat if desired. TIP: for intense results on damaged or coarse hair, leave in for 1-2 minutes to allow for deeper absorption of the active ingredients. For best results follow with the Noir Caviar Anti-Age Restorative Moisturiser.

STEP 2 – Noir Caviar Anti-Age Restorative Moisturiser (200ml) RRP £13.50

A luxurious, nourishing moisturiser which renews softness, shine, and manageability. This rich yet weightless moisturiser continually hydrates while protecting hair from heat, environmental damage and colour fading.

LR Noir Caviar_Anti-Age Restorative MoisturiserAfter cleansing, remove excess moisture then apply to mid-lengths and ends. Massage thoroughly into the hair and scalp. Detangle with a wide tooth comb and rinse thoroughly with tepid water. TIP: for intense results or for damaged and coarse hair, leave in for 3-5 minutes to allow for deeper absorption of the active ingredients.

STEP 3 – Noir Caviar Anti-Age Restorative Styling Crème (150ml) RRP £24.99

This replenishing leave-in crème provides repair and hydration at a luxuriant level in one easy step. The all-in-one formula instantly smoothes frizz and static, transforming dull and damaged hair into perfectly polished locks. the Anti-Age C3 TRIFECTA™ of Caviar, Collagen and Ceramides equalise and protects strands yet leaves hair weightless and full of movement. this is the only styling crème you will ever need!

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Apply a small amount to mid-lengths and the ends of damp or dry hair. Massage any residual amount onto the scalp. Comb through for even distribution. Style and finish as desired. TIP: our Anti- Age Restorative Styling Crème can be the base for any style and can be combined with your favourite styling products to enhance results.

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  • luxurious anti-age 3-step beauty regime for your hair
  • unique C3 TRIFECTA™ of Caviar, Collagen and Ceramides
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