The Nordlys by Ellipse

Your 21st Century Fairy God Mother has arrived with the introduction of The Nordlys by Ellipse at the London Cosmetic Clinic, bringing you the dawn of a new era in light-based treatments. Nordlys is a ground breaking system that utilises selective waveband technology, with 5 broadband spectrum wavelength wands AND a long pulsed Nd:YAG laser to treat unsightly scars, leg vessels, port wine stains, and many other skin conditions with the addition of hair removal, for which Ellipse are renowned for.

The Nordlys is the most versatile multi-tasking dream machine! Many unsightly skin conditions can be erased: Blemishes, vascular lesions, fungal toes, acne, age spots, freckles, spider nevus, facial veins, leg veins and no more embarrassing hair worries: the ultimate treatment platform!

Nordlys is the first light based treatment that uses ‘clinical intelligence’. It precisely selects the most efficacious treatment parameters according to your skin type, level of tan exposure and vessel size.

The Ellipse Selective Waveband Technology utilizes specific chosen wavelengths of light as well as a dual filtration technology, which have absorption peaks in both the melanin and blood; thus giving maximum treatment effect without heating any non-specific tissue i.e. water therefore reducing the possibility of any side effects.

Ellipse have 18 years of experience in providing skin treatment solutions, and Nordlys is the latest and greatest treatment system. Nordlys by Ellipse offers a new and unique sub millisecond pulse giving clearance of those previously hard to treat pale pink blood vessels eradicating the need for a pulse dye laser and the high running costs associated with them.

We tried Nordlys treatment on broken capillaries around the nose area and were very impressed with the results. After two treatments, skin was rejuvenated and vascular lesions were barely noticeable.

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  • Ground breaking system that utilises six selective waveband technology
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