Novis Vita Juicer

The Novis Vita is a multi-functional juicer, citrus press and smoothie maker from Switzerland. It states it features “three patents, including Viatec® technology where the combination of a citrus press and centrifuge disc create a super-smooth, pulp-rich juice that does not quickly separate and retains 20% more nutrients than conventional juicers. Available in eight colours, the Novis Vita benefits from a compact and robust design, which is easy to use and keep clean with all elements that come into contact with juice or pulp able to be washed in a dishwasher. The die cast aluminium casing is also fully recyclable.”

The Novis Vita was the Consumer’s Choice in the Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2014, Initiative LifeCare awards for functionality, design and innovation and has also received a prestigious reddot best of the best award.

The Novis Vita Key Features Explained:

· Viatec® technology (patent protected) – the combination of a citrus press and centrifuge, provides a delicious smooth juice that is full of considerably more nutrients.

· A citrus press with Citromax® shape (patent protected) – allows for maximum extraction of fruit pulp thanks to the conical shape design, resulting in less wastage.

· Drophold® function (patent protected) – the dispenser automatically adjusts once the juice has finish pouring, ensuring no leaks or drips.

· Smoothie attachment – for something a little more filling, this unique attachment has a rotating arm, which removes ingredients from the side of the juicer for a smoothie that is full of goodness. This attachment can also be used for preparing fruit purées.

· A specially shaped chute – allows fruit and vegetables to be easily fed into the centrifuge, without the need to actively push them in, unlike conventional juicers. The shape allows produce to be literally drawn into the appliance for maximum juice extraction.

· Quiet and simple operation – the Novis Vita is operated by one button, while the self-regulating rotary speed of up to 2,000 RPM automatically reacts to different fruit and vegetable consistencies to achieve the best results. Finally, the ‘air feet’ absorb any vibrations for quieter operation.

· Small carbon footprint – the smallest sized packaging has been used with as little material as possible. The die cast aluminium construction is also fully recyclable.

All Novis Vita Juicer customers instantly become a member of the Vita Club, which offers exclusive access to the Novis Mocktail App, which includes great tasting recipe suggestions, as well as special offers.

The Novis Vita Juicer is available exclusively at Harrods in eight colours – orange, red, yellow, black, green, white, blue and cream. RRP £299.99

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  • Fast fresh juice
  • Juicer & smoothie maker
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quiet and simple operation
  • Available in 8 Colours

  • Expensive
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