nuun Makes Your Water Count

nuun is anticipating a surge of interest in 2015 as more people taking part in sport across the country recognise the importance of hydration.

The original electrolyte tablet producer has seen interest grow dramatically, both in its core sports of cycling, running and triathlon, as well as from those participating in yoga, mountaineering, water and snow sports.


nuun enables athletes, sportsmen and sportswomen stay optimally hydrated. A single soluble tablet added to water replaces the electrolytes lost in sweat. Keeping the body’s optimal balance of sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium enable athletes to continue delivering peak performance.

Dehydration can occur after a mere 2% loss in body fluids leading to headaches, cramping, and fatigue. Adding flavour and electrolytes to water can increase your intake by 90% versus plain water, as it fuels the subconscious drive to drink. In short, you’ll drink nearly twice as much nuun than plain water.

Over the past 10 years, nuun has built a passionate following among cyclists, runners, triathletes, swimmers and outdoor enthusiasts. Many of the world’s elite athletes (for whom staying hydrated is critical for performance), use nuun. But the formulation is just as suited to those cycling, running or doing other sport for pleasure.

“Understanding of the need to stay hydrated has grown hugely in the last year,” says nuun UK Director Lizzy Moxey. “We’re now supplying a wider range of people than ever, from transatlantic rowers to UK firefighters. Whether you’re doing yoga in the gym or cycling on a Sunday, staying hydrated will keep you feeling better and working harder.”

It’s important to ensure the body’s natural balance of electrolytes is maintained when doing any sport or pursuit where sweat output is increased. Research indicates that maintaining the right balance of sodium, calcium and potassium plays a significant role in reducing or preventing cramp, which is increasingly a factor in endurance sports like marathon running.


“As winter turns to spring and marathon runners and cyclists all start to increase their training distance, that’s when we see a real surge of interest in our great-tasting natural hydration,” says Moxey. “It’s sugar-free which is really important for many people, so they’re not taking on sugars just because they need a drink.”

nuun is available in eleven great-tasting flavours, which are light, not strong. Two of the flavours include caffeine for that extra kick.

nuun is available for sale from:, and most good local bike shops and running shops

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