Ogilvy’s Raw British Honey

Ogilvy’s, one of our favourite food producers at SLOAN!, have just launched three exciting new flavours of raw British honey to join their Raw Orchard Honey which we reviewed on SLOAN! Magazine a few months ago. The new Ogilvy’s honeys are all raw, all delicious and all naturally blended by bees! Each honey has an amazing taste and depth of flavour influenced by the natural variety of trees and plants found in the British countryside. The taste and aroma are influenced by the nectar source. Each honey has it’s own distinctive taste, texture, flavour and colour. The food source the bees feed on is reflected in the taste of the honey.

Raw honey undergoes minimum processing, has been cold extracted and lightly filtered preserving the natural beneficial qualities. Raw honey is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Raw honey is a natural energy source and a natural sweetener.

Raw British Wildflower Honey

From gardens and hedgerows in the heart of England, Ogilvy’s bring you a cold-pressed light refreshing regional honey collected from the blossom of chestnut and lime trees and a variety of wild flowers, hedgerows and English gardens.

Wildflower_2A delicate floral tasting honey with a light fruity taste which works well as a breakfast honey and is delicious spread on hot buttered toast. Wildflower honey is also a good choice for desserts. Mild in Strength. Priced at £5.59 for 240g

Raw British Borage Honey

From Warwickshire in the Heart of England, Ogilvy’s bring you a very distinctive cold-pressed clear, sweet and aromatic honey. The nectar is collected from the edible blue star-shaped borage flowers. Borage is a versatile and good general honey with a mild flavour.

Borage_2It is ideal for sweet and savoury dishes, delicious in a citrus marinade with fish and grilled cheese and a great accompaniment to summer berries and pancakes. Mild in Strength. Priced at £5.59 for 240g

Raw English Heather Honey

From heather moors of Derbyshire’s southern Peak District, Ogilvy’s bring you a raw cold-pressed honey with a rich, distinctive aromatic flavour. Thick and amber in colour with a grainy in texture, it has a fragrant and floral lingering aftertaste which is almost bitter.

EnglishHeather_2The depth of flavour is works well with smoky BBQ flavours and complements a variety of meats, cheeses and puddings. It is also used as a natural sweetener for black coffee. Medium/Strong in Strength. Priced at £5.59 for 240g

These delicious new flavours of Ogilvy’s raw British honey are available from www.ogilvys.com, Fortnum & Mason, Planet Organic, Whole Foods, Booths and independent grocers and delicatessens nationwide. We highly recommend you try all three because they are simply pure unadulterated pleasure in a jar!

Ogilvys Raw British Honey








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  • Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Cold pressed and lightly filtered
  • Distinctive flavours to suit all palates

  • Only available in 240g jars
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