Oral B Pro 6500

The Oral B Pro Black 6500 SmartSeries is said to have more calculation power than the Apollo 12 guidance system. With intelligent Bluetooth® connectivity to a performance app that acts like an oral care personal trainer, this innovative electric toothbrush from the dental experts at Oral B helps optimize your brushing technique and enables you reach your oral hygiene goals.

OralBPro6500The Oral B Pro Black 6500 SmartSeries electric toothbrush performs nearly 48,000 precision movements per minute. Oscillating, rotating and pulsating with a round head that mimics the shape of professional cleaning tools, it removes 100% more plaque than an ordinary manual toothbrush. We recommend that you see for yourself how it’s engineered to perform like no other electric toothbrush you’ve experienced before.

Reviewing the toothbrush for SLOAN! Magazine, I was impressed with the Oral B Pro 6500 toothbrush as soon as I took it out of the box. The reassuringly masculine black. The four different brush heads, each tailored to specific high performance cleaning. The premium travel case. Obvious Bluetooth® capability. This was more than just any old electric toothbrush. This was a toothbrush that would live up to its promise to revolutionize your brushing experience.

The first thing I did after charging it was to download the Oral-B App onto my smartphone to enable me to track, monitor and chart my brushing performance. We all know to brush our teeth for 2 minutes but how many of us actually do this? With the Oral B Pro 6500, you can ensure you brush each of the four quadrants of your mouth for the prescribed 30 seconds with its handy buzzer feature.

I appreciated having a brushing buddy in the form of the Wireless SmartGuide which gave me real-time feedback on how I was doing to the point of telling me with a sad face when I used too much pressure on my gums and the highly motivational Star Reward System which gave me a five-star rating when I brushed properly for two minutes.

I loved this toothbrush and it made brushing an engaging 21st century experience with all of the Smart technology that my generation knows and loves. At just under £250 I can understand why some find this a high price to pay for a toothbrush but for me, the Oral B Pro 6500 is a toothbrush like no other and it really has transformed the way I look at oral hygiene.

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  • Bluetooth® Technology & Performance App
  • Six High Performance Brushing Modes
  • 10 Day Battery Life
  • Tongue Cleaning Function

  • Expensive foor some
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