Orbitsound unveils the ONE

Award winning British audio technology brand, Orbitsound launches its first generation of a single-box audio solution with an integrated subwoofer, to deliver a natural and immersive sound experience without the need for additional speakers. The intelligent multipurpose audio solution can be positioned in multiple orientations to suit any environment without compromising on audio quality. With a simple and sophisticated design, and the ability to save power, the ONE is a versatile all-in-one airSOUND™ solution that enhances your audio experience and sets a new bar for hi-fidelity sound.

Measuring 70cm x 17.2cm x 7.5cm (width x depth x height), the compact speaker is designed to complement any surrounding or situation; be it someone’s living room, café, art gallery or bar. The sophisticated all-in-one design of the ONE combines all steel and wood construction for a look that’s timeless, simple and elegant. And, because it’s got a built-in subwoofer, it delivers a sonic experience that is beyond its physical size.

The ONE has three listening orientations. A unique driver and hardware configuration enables best in-class sound for any placement in the room without compromising high frequency performance. The ONE can lie flat, stand vertically on a shelf or be wall-mounted above or below a TV. The integrated display can be flipped to accommodate the chosen listening position. The control panel is minimalist and clearly displays the volume, bass, treble, active source and power status. It also comes equipped with the traditional wall mounting kit as well as 200mm VESA mounting bosses and bolts. Cables are routed from the underside in the centre, to allow for a seamless setup.

Orbitsound’s Managing Director, Daniel Fletcher comments: “Most sound systems that are wall mountable, position the drivers at an angle to increase the coverage of audio, but the experience is compromised as all listening happens predominantly off-axis. However, the ONE is uniquely different with 2 ‘front speakers’ working together on different axis’ to create an uncompromised vertical coverage. airSOUND™ takes care of the horizontal dispersal and the result is a soundfield with no dead spots horizontally or vertically. This ensures crisp and centred vocals, and an immersive sound stage.”

The ONE is elegantly designed from the inside out and delivers a proper audio experience with all the advantages of airSOUND™ that give width and space to sound with no requirement for a listener to be listening from a sweet spot. Under the hood, the ONE uses four custom developed 2” drivers that deliver mid-high frequencies and stereo
information. A 5.25” subwoofer delivers deep bass from the internal ported tuned reflex enclosure. Whether you are watching a movie, playing a game or streaming a song from Spotify, the ONE delivers all the sound you want. Designed for easy setup and use, the ONE connects to the TV with a single optical cable.

The ONE also has the ability to learn a regular remote control so Consumers can control the the volume, power, source and Bluetooth functions from an alternative remote. Integrated Bluetooth provides or convenient wireless streaming and an included AUX cable can be used for multiroom audio input. Legacy devices can be connected using the 3.5mm jack input.

The ONE is also designed to help consumers minimise their power consumption which results in lower electricity bills. It senses audio and intelligently shuts elements down that are not needed, and auto resumes when audio is being played. Fletcher adds: “We are extremely proud to launch the Orbitsound ONE. It’s innovative design sets a new bar for accessible and high fidelity audio. The aesthetic of the ONE carves away complexity to focus on the simple essence of the speaker achieving a class leading slimness with a true bass reflex subwoofer and performance. The ONE is the perfect solution for consumers who want great sounding, no-fuss audio at an affordable price.”

The Orbitsound ONE will retail at £299 from 27th February 2017, available from www.orbitsound.com in black. (White & light wood will be available later in the year).

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