PacaPod Oban

If you love nothing more than exploring new places with your children, the new PacaPod Oban is just the job for family expeditions as it weighs less than 1kg (950g) – making it the ultimate lightweight companion for airplane travel and an everyday shoulder-saver.

Oban Charcoal Black - setThe Oban has a simple utility messenger style with contrast seaming and is available in four finishes – black waxy effect, soft elephant grey and denim blue and new charcoal grey. Robust and reliable and jam-packed with functional features the Oban switches from messenger to backpack in seconds so you’re ready for anything.

Oban Charcoal Black - TwistPacaPod’s award winning ‘baby organisation system’ is tucked neatly inside the back ‘cargo’ section of the bag and contains two completely detachable ‘pods’ little for storing baby and toddler feeding and changing items and keeping them hygienically separate. The unique 3 bags in 1 design provides unrivalled flexibility for parents as the pods can be quickly unclipped, attached to any buggy, luggage trolley, used for a quick change in the cramped aircraft toilet, or a mini cool-box – sitting neatly on the cabin pull down tray.

Oban is available now price £80 from

PacaPod Oban








The SLOAN! Factor


  • Lightweight
  • Hardwearing
  • Packed with features
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