Panasonic Smart Home System

Panasonic Smart Home system is the latest technology designed to give the busy Londoner peace of mind. It’s a versatile system with multiple functions that adapt to your particular needs. It is very simple to set up and will help you ensure you can monitor who enters your home.

Long standing members of your trusted staff may choose one depart to pastures new and whether you want to keep an eye on the new gardener and replacement cleaner, or perhaps you simply want to be sure there’s not been a domestic disaster whilst you are away, you can check from your smartphone or tablet effortlessly wherever you are with internet or Wi-Fi connection. Panasonic have really thought of ever eventuality with a smart device on hand to help.

  • The indoor camera can by synched with the door sensor to capture footage of anyone entering or exiting your home. It is also a way to ensure that anyone contracted to enter your home is locking up securely on their way out
  • The camera has a built-in temperature sensor whose range limits can be individually set. You can programme the camera to send you an alert should the temperature drop too low, for example, allowing you to deal with pipes before they even burst
  • The camera can also be used as a communication device, as it has built-in speakers. You can communicate with the nanny, or give instructions to your housekeeper whilst on the move. Notes on the kitchrn table can now be a thing of the past.
  • Smart plugs can be set to turn lamps on and off at different times every day, as well as be individually controlled from the app on your smartphone. This is ideal for holiday time, when you want your valuable home to look occupied.
  • The door and window sensors will also remind you to close them before leaving the house, or alert you if your toddler wanders outside unsupervised.
  • The outdoor camera can be used to ‘answer’ the door when you aren’t there. Expecting a delivery whilst you’re away? No problem. With motion and sound detection plus two-way communication you can instruct the delivery person to leave the package with a neighbour saving you the hassle of visiting the depot to collect it on your return.

The system is super easy to set up and runs over secure DECT ULE technology (not WiFi) to keep your images safe from hacking.

Justin Burnell, Panasonic’s Sales and Marketing Manager told us, “Panasonic has designed the Smart Home system with the needs of the regular person or family firmly in mind, so far the industry has focused on producing smart devices with one, specific application. But what people really want is a system that helps simplify their life, not complicate it further. How many times have you wondered if you closed the bedroom window, or if your teenager made it home safely from school? With the Panasonic Smart Home system you can check quickly and easily from your smartphone or tablet. Fewer worries can only be a good thing and with Panasonic Smart Home system you can achieve peace of mind.”

We are a nation of pet lovers and London is no exception. A recent survey by Panasonic showed that the busy Ladies of London still manage to spend 17 hours a week with their preferred pet – a woman’s best friend turns out to be a dog rather than her gay bestie! Men on the other hand find it a bit more difficult, and can only manage 13 hours to spend with their favourite pets: cats!

London Life Coach, Sloan Sheridan-Williams is not surprised by the findings. She told us, “Woman value the need for connection and the loyalty of a dog with its unquestioning unconditional love  satisfied this need.

“Men on the other hand enjoy independence and a cat is perfectly suited to this bachelor lifestyle.”

With Londoners splashing out the most cash on their pets per year on goodies such as clothes, toys and beds. Its no wonder that more per owners are turning to the Panasonic Smart Home to ensure their furry friends are safe and comfortable when having to be left home alone when mummy or daddy are out.

Panasonic has also found that both men and women talk to their pets regularly, even though we all know they can’t talk back. The Panasonic Smart Home System two-way communications ensures Fido is never far away from his master’s voice.

The survey suggests that a massive 75% of London women said they believe their pet misses them when they are not around; 64% of the capital city’s men think the same. So indoor cameras also come in useful to reassure owners that their pet is not too upset to be on their own.

The peace of mind afforded by the Panasonic Smart Home System is not the only psychological benefit on offer to pet owners. The survey also found that having a pet is quite therapeutic nearly half of all Londoners agreed it makes them feel less stressed.

So its not just pet owners that can look forward to lower stress levels. Invest in the Panasonic Smart Home System and your stress levels could also drop as feelings of security, significance, connection and contribution sky rocket to allow you to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

We reviewed the Panasonic Smart Home Monitoring and Control Kit which costs £229 with no monthly subscriptions.

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Panasonic Smart Home System




Ease of set up


Image resolution


The SLOAN! Factor


  • Easy to setup as long as there's a plug point
  • Sound quality not great
  • Image quality lacks high resolution

  • Easily extendable by adding further smart devices
  • Up to 5 family members or care staff can register to one hub
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