Parker Ingenuity Deluxe

Combining breakthrough technology with bold design, PARKER launches the new Ingenuity Deluxe range – engineered for those always one step ahead of the latest innovation. The new line comes complete with PARKER’s updated signature elements including a refined arrow clip and detailed cap which features a new PARKER three-band design.

Parker Ingenuity’s Deluxe range uses the brand’s pioneering patented 5TH technology – so named as it offers an innovative fifth mode of writing, offering an alternative to the fountain pen, ball point, roller ball and the mechanical pencil.


The pioneering design features are attractive and stylish yet comfortable – its smart glide metallic tip adjusts to the angles of each person’s unique writing style after a few words, delivering an effortlessly smooth writing experience. Parker Ingenuity’s 5TH technology provides a consistent ink flow that won’t leak, with a refill that is easy to change – ideal for mapping out business plans or signing important documents on-the-go, all the while expressing a strong style statement.

The Deluxe range features some brand new finishes with a variety of patterns and a rich palette of modern colours; Sandblasted Matte and Shiny polished shades sit alongside Anodized Aluminium with bold colour barrels in black, deep red and violet. All pens have an integrated ring design to complement their sleek shape and all are finished with stylish patterning on the cap or body for a finer attention to detail.

PARKER also introduces Ingenuity’s enhanced Core and Premium finishes which now feature modernised craftsmanship including an updated pattern on its nib, three clean metal bands around the lid and redefined and revamped iconic PARKER arrow clip.

As pioneers in the fine writing field for 128 years, PARKER designed the Ingenuity pen to reflect the latest innovations and provide an outstanding writing experience. Available in two sizes – a bold large pen and an elegant slim design – the Ingenuity range has been developed to bring all writing modes together, combining the prestige and style of a fountain pen with the simplicity of a rollerball.

The full Ingenuity range is available in a selection of materials and colours, Deluxe range RRP £215, Premium range RRP £195, Core range RRP £170 at

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