Penclic Mouse

Penclic is proud to introduce their new product, Penclic Mouse™. The hot new design introduces a dynamic grip instead of forcing a static hand. We discovered that this revolutionary mouse is faster, better, with less pain! Now is the time for an evolution in computer mouse technology.


Up until now, users have lacked variety when shopping for a new computer mouse. Mice have looked the same since the early 80s with only incremental improvements, such as optical sensors, scroll wheels and more buttons. Penclic provides users with a new, exciting and ergonomic alternative to a traditional mouse. Penclic Mouse™ combines cutting edge technology with the dexterity of our fingers, resulting in a mouse unlike one you ever used before.


The Penclic Mouse™ is designed to utilise, and benefit from the superior navigation we have in our fingertips. We found that the pen-like mouse moves with you, feeling like it predicts where you are planning to move the cursor. We also found that the pen-grip provides comfort and a relaxed working position to secure your strength.

Penclic Mouse™ is a smart ergonomic computer mouse with the advantage of preventing and ease pain. Whilst your forearm rests on your work surface, you can move the mouse cursor all over the computer screen quickly and effectively, using only the movement of your fingers and wrist. Significantly, reducing the discomfort and potential harm done to your body so RSI issues are minimised. Penclic Mouse™ allows the relaxed and sensible working posture as ergonomics recommend.

Penclic Mouse B3 EN

Penclic Mouse™ is the latest Scandinavian designed computer mouse on the market, combining technical expertise with high quality. Penclic is proud to be at the leading edge of this exciting evolution in mouse technology.

The Penclic B3 Bluetooth mouse costs £80 and is available from Posturite.

Penclic Mouse


cutting edge design






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  • Scandinavian designed
  • Prevents RSI
  • Revolutionary device
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