How to Pick the Perfect Cake for Christmas

It’s the start of the holiday season and you’re struggling with a final decision regarding your Christmas cake. Do you go traditional or do you break the trend and do something different this year?

Do your kids dislike the traditional Christmas pudding, or does your aunt have every allergy under the sun? It’s December after all and time is running out to prepare for the perfect showstopping cake at your festive party!

A much loved tradition

Traditionally we eat Christmas pudding or Christmas cake on Christmas day. The history behind the Christmas cake is really interesting and can be dated back to 1573 when people used to eat plum porridge on Christmas Eve to line their stomachs after a day of fasting.

From plum cake to Christmas cake

Moving into the 16th Century, other ingredients were added to make a plum cake; richer families with ovens added marzipan & almond paste, dried fruit and spices. With so much heritage, the Christmas cake that we know and love today comes with many recipes and in numerous variations.

Christmas cake varies between countries

In Scotland, the Christmas cake is infused with Whiskey and is light and crumbly whereas in Japan, they enjoy eating a frosted sponge cake at Christmas decorated with strawberries. Christmas cake varies between the different regions of the world.

Christmas cake in the UK

In the UK traditionally we make our Christmas cake a few months before Christmas, in late October or November and spend some weeks ‘feeding’ the cake so it ends up being nice and boozy for Christmas day.

Serving Christmas Cake

There are also traditions on how you can serve your Christmas cake – plain, with butter, lightly toasted, with a layer of cheese… Cheshire cheese is a great choice, try it and you won’t be disappointed!

Alternative flavours of Christmas cake

Don’t be afraid to try alternative flavours to Christmas cake. It doesn’t have to be packed with fruit, it could be a delicious black forest gateau or a chocolate and chestnut cake.

Personalise your Christmas cake

Why not create a cake from your favourite chocolate or ingredient that you just love. Have you tried a chocolate orange or Toblerone cake?

Something totally different to Christmas cake

Move away from the traditional Christmas cake and try a Piñata cake – sure to be the talking point at the end of the meal. A Piñata cake is packed full of sweet treats or other goodies, which are only revealed when you cut into the cake.

Vegan alternatives to Christmas cake

Got a vegan in the house… don’t panic, there are lots of alternatives for vegans. Try a chocolate vegan cake or seek out an alternative vegan Christmas favourite and try a cranberry & apple mince pie cake.

Christmas cake alternatives for children

If you have little ones around, perhaps try something really different like a gingerbread house that they can eat bit by bit throughout the afternoon. What’s not to love?

About the experts

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Yvonne Lam & Noreen Khan

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